Fall Into Place (Taking the Fall)(10)

By: Alexa Riley

The ceremony is quick, sealing us together with simple words. And before I know it, Anthony is kissing me, picking me up, and carrying me away from the altar.

“You carry her over the threshold, not down the aisle,” I hear Sam joke behind us.

Anthony just ignores him until we make it out to the parking lot.

“Say goodbye to your brother, princess,” Anthony says, putting me on my feet. I give him a hug, pulling him close. When he goes to pull away, I cradle his face, looking into his eyes, eyes that match mine.

“Go get your girl,” I tell him.

With that he’s gone.



“I thought I would be nervous, but I’m not. Are you?” I carry Mary into our hotel suite and kick the master bedroom door closed behind us.

“Hell no!”

I laugh as I stand her up beside the bed and start to undress her. I unzip her dress and kiss my way down her spine as I go. “I can’t believe we’re married,” I say against her skin, and I feel her giggle.

“You’re my husband.” She turns around and faces me as I help her slide off her dress, and she stands before me in her white lace underwear.

“I’m the lucky bastard who gets to call you my wife.” I just wore a simple dress shirt and tie, but having her hands undress me makes it feel special. Even after all this time, it’s not hurried. We smile and kiss as we take off our clothes, and we fall into bed naked, me on top of her.

Feeling her legs go around my waist, my hard cock pressed against her warmth, I take her mouth and kiss my wife as we start to make love for the first time.

“You ready?”

“Please, Anthony. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

With her words, I adjust my hips and press the tip of my cock against her opening. I take both her hands in mine and tangle our fingers together as I thrust inside her body for the first time.

Mary lets out a small squeak, and I hold myself still inside her, trying to let her adjust. Holding her to me, I bury my face in her neck and try to breathe through the feeling of having my cock squeezed to death.

“Oh God, Mary, I’m gonna cum.” I grit my teeth and try to fight it, but I can’t. I’m not even moving and I’m losing the battle. I can feel my balls drawing up, and I know it’s happening. “I can’t stop it.”

“Anthony.” She says my name on a breathy moan, moving her hips just a little. The thought of me cumming inside her turns her on. Just feeling her little tremors around my cock sends me over the edge, and I cum. “More. Please, Anthony, more.”

Her moans have me moving, and I start to thrust in and out. My cock is still rock hard, only now it’s covered in cum. Her own juices cover my cock, and I feel myself gliding easily now that I’ve broken her barrier.

Leaning up, I look down at her, and we lock eyes. We’ve talked about this many times, and we agreed to use no protection, that the first time I took her we’d be married, and I’d take her bare. I didn’t want anything between us as husband and wife, and if I bred her the first time, then so be it. She’s mine until the end of time. A baby would only add to the strength of our bond.

“You doing okay, princess?”

She raises her hips and thrusts with me, answering my question. “This feels so good. Don’t stop.”

We’ve been together so long, I know her body better than she does. Reaching between us, I strum her clit just how she likes it, and I feel her body start to tense. “That’s it, baby. Just like always. Show me you love me.”

“Anthony,” she moans, throwing her head back and letting the orgasm flow through her body. I move closer and suck her nipple into my mouth, biting it a little to send her even higher. She shouts her release and pulls me closer to her, begging for more.

I thrust hard and feel that I’m close again, already needing to cum. I can usually hold out for a long time, but being inside her body changes everything. She’s too warm, too tight, and too sweet for me to hold off. I’ve got to let go, and give in to the sensations.

Feeling myself start to cum, I thrust hard, and empty inside her body. Thinking about how I could get her pregnant makes me cum more, and I can feel it start to run out from between us.