Entwined (Iron Bulls MC #3)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

Chapter One

Being in the same clubhouse where I’ve had some raunchy and sometimes public sex usually turns me on. Not today.

After the president of the Iron Bulls MC so casually informed me that my father has another family, we all went back to the clubhouse to “chat.” So now I’m seated at a table—not the official table where the club has church—with my boyfriend, Dante, Romeo, and my father. Uncomfortable doesn’t adequately describe this scenario.

Dante’s been making murderous faces at my father since before the bombshell announcement. He hates my father for many different reasons.

My father nods at Dante. “Karina, how did you two meet?”

Before I open my mouth to answer, Dante places his hand on my knee and leans forward. “Better question is what the fuck kind of father leaves his daughter alone to fend for herself for so long, you piece of shit.”

My father’s shrug of indifference hurts so much, I have to avert my eyes. “She’s smart and capable. I’ve never had to worry about her.” It may sound like a compliment. But to me it just sounds like a convenient excuse.

Dante shakes his head. He sits back, but keeps his hand on my leg.

Romeo’s gotten tired of being ignored. “The real question, Tucker, is how you plannin’ to work off your debt? Because from what I hear, Kadence is tight with the Savage Dragon’s VP.”

A pained look crosses my father’s face and he glances at me with tired eyes. “She doesn’t need to be here for this.”

Romeo sits forward, placing his elbows on the table. “Oh, I think she does.” He focuses his gaze on Dante. “I’m sorry, brother. Until you told me you thought she was his kid, I had no idea.”

Dante remains silent, but the tension radiating from him has a life of its own.

Romeo’s scary eyes move to me next. “Your father’s got a pretty serious gambling problem, sweetheart. About three years ago I bailed him out of trouble. Since he was never going to make enough to pay me back in cash, he offered a trade.”

“You fuckin’ shittin me?” Dante explodes, throwing his fist onto the table with enough force it rattles the thick oak. He seems to have grasped what Romeo’s explaining right away, while I’m still in the dark. Whether Dante’s pissed at my father or Romeo, I can’t be sure.

“Relax, brother. I ain’t gonna touch your girl. Ol’ Tucker here’s just gonna have to come up with some cash now.”

My mind’s spinning from everything Romeo just laid out. I can’t deal with the fact that my father apparently tried to sell me off for a gambling debt. My own father treating me as if I’m some disposable whore? That’s too disgusting to contemplate. No. Instead, my mind latches onto one thing and one thing only.

“Who the hell is Kadence?”

Killing Karina’s father right in front of her is probably a bad idea. But it’s a battle not to wrap my hands around his fuckin’ throat and throttle the life out of him.

“I want to be clear on what you’re tellin’ me, prez. My girl’s father offered, what exactly, if you took care of his debt?”

Romeo sits back, a sadistic smile curling his mouth. He flicks his gaze at Tucker. “He offered me one of his virgin daughters.”

Next to me Karina lets out a harsh sob and my vision swims red.

Tucker’s real quick to defend his worthless ass. “It’s not like they’re making it sound, Karina. I figured I’d introduce you, and you’d get along.” He glances at me and shrugs.

What a piece of shit.

“Who’s Kadence?” Karina asks again. Her voice comes out clear and strong even though her body’s trembling.

“She’s your half-sister,” Tucker finally answers.

“I don’t understand. How? Mom—”

Romeo—like the jackass he is—watches the family drama with a smirk that I want to punch right off his face. Him taking joy in my girl’s misery is pissing me the fuck off.

“I had an affair with your mother. Met her when she was waitressing at one of the truck stops. She had you and I moved her down here, so I could still see the two of you.”

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