Emma:Part Two

By: Lolita Lopez

1 Chapter One

Of all the damned times to have to fight off zombies, it had to be now! Max couldn't believe their ridiculously shitty luck. Emma deserved to be held close and pampered after losing her virginity. Her questions about the Outpost and the cyborg laws that ruled life there would have to wait. He hoped she wouldn’t pull back and put up emotional fences again before they could explain the facts.

The plan he had cooked up with Jack had just imploded. So much for showing Emma a night of passion and pleasure and then offering her a chance to build a new life with them! If they survived this attack, Max knew he wouldn’t be able to leave her here. One way or another, she was coming with them.

The unbearably loud clang of the alarm made Max's head ache. "Can you turn that off, Emma? I can't think."

"Yes." She skittered from the room. Any other time he would have appreciated the view of her perfect ass but right now sex was the farthest thing from his mind.

Finally, the alarm stopped. Jack tossed Max's boots at him as they both quickly dressed. When Emma didn't immediately return, Max worried. "Emma?"

"Just a sec," she called back. Seconds later, the house went dark. "Don't worry," she shouted. "I'm just diverting power away from non-essential systems so I can power the fence and the video cameras."

"Smart," Jack murmured as he gathered up Emma's clothes and left the room. Max followed close on his heels. They found her in the living room at the control panel near the large transceiver. She had clamped a small flashlight between her teeth as she flicked switches and plugged in various cables

"Oh, God." Emma's stricken voice drew Max's attention to the pair of TV screens displaying the feed from the gate they had used to enter her property. There were dozens of zombies waiting outside the fence. Fried zombies littered the ground and clung to the chain link. "They shorted the system," she said in disbelief. "Look." She pointed to the piles of dead zombies. "They drew enough juice to disable that section and render it harmless."

"And now they're coming over," Jack finished for her.

"How long, Emma?" Max snatched the shorts from Jack's hand and dropped to his knees in front of her. He tapped her left ankle, prompting her to lift her foot so he could slide her shorts into place.

"A few minutes," she said, her voice wobbly. "Depends on how fast they can run. There are another set of perimeter sensors five hundred and two hundred yards from the house. Those sensors turn on automatically at nightfall."

As if on cue, a buzzer sounded. Max's gaze jumped from Emma's stomach to the far wall where a small bulb flicked on and off. "Is that tied to the sensors?"


Max stood and took the shirt from Jack's hands. "Here, Emma. Put this on."

Wordlessly, she yanked the shirt down over her head. Max could see she had put it on backwards and remembered that Emma didn't have ocular implants for night vision. "Hang on," he said and reached out to help her fix it. "Emma, do you have night vision binoculars."

"No. They're too expensive and hard to find. Besides, the plan was always to hole up in the house and defend from the high ground if they got over the fence. I'm not brave enough to run out there in the middle of the night alone." She returned to the control panel and flicked on her flashlight. "I can route power to some flood lamps along the roof if they get over the fence."

"No," Max said with a definitive shake of his head. "Jack and I are equipped with night vision. We're not going to waste your power unless it's necessary."

"But how will I see to help you once they get here?"

Max smiled and cupped her face. Always so brave and strong, he thought as he stroked her cheek. "You will stay inside where it's safe. We're here to protect you, Emma. It will be easier for us if we're not worrying about you."

"Besides," Jack laughed, "we've got a score to settle with those rotting bastards. Emma, how many rifles do you have? Any long range? My sniper rifle was ruined in the wreck."

"Oh, I can do much better than just a rifle." She crooked her finger. "This way."

Max and Jack trailed her to one of the bedrooms in the hallway. It was the locked door Jack had stopped him from jimmying earlier. Emma knelt down, whacked a floorboard and removed a key. She stepped aside after unlocking the door and motioned them inside. Max paused a few steps into the room. "Holy. Shit."

"Jesus Christ, Emma," Jack said, his voice tinged with disbelief. "Are those gas masks?"

"Yep." She flicked on a light that nearly blinded Max. "My father was a bit paranoid."

"Hell!" He closed his eyes for a moment to let his night vision disengage. "I thought you cut the power."

"To non-essential systems," she said. "This is an essential room."

Max opened his eyes and looked around the room. Shelves loaded with weapons greeted him. Emma's arsenal put some of the smaller Outposts to shame. She could have launched a successful insurgency. He started to wonder about this supplier of hers. Where the hell were the Keatons getting their hands on this kind of firepower?

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