Draekon Abduction(7)

By: Lili Zander & Lee Savino

She’s concerned about her belongings? That’s… disappointing. For an instant, I’d hoped that she would be a worthy conquest. A woman I could pit my wits against. A woman around who I could drop my guards.

But my dragon is a mindless beast, and it has chosen poorly.

The other women give her looks of barely concealed disgust. “Your clothes? That’s what you can think about right now? For fuck’s sake, Olivia.”

“Ignore her,” another woman says in a low voice. “She’s got the IQ of a pea. I bet you she’ll wrap some poor sap around her fingers soon enough.”

If Olivia hears them, she gives no sign of it. Her green eyes glisten with tears, and her breasts heave with distress.

I can’t take my eyes off those breasts. They’re beautiful, large and round. I want to cup them, squeeze them, massage them, rub my shaft between them. My cock hardens at the thought of her red lips wrapped around me, her crimson hair draped over my chest as we pleasure each other.

I will bed Olivia, of course. I will not deny my dragon. She is a tool to be exploited. The ability to transform at will is too valuable a skill to be left unclaimed. And she will be easily wooed. I know her type. Some fruit, some flowers, soft sheets, and delicate meat, and she will be mine.

But I will not be hers. I am a product of my training. I will always be a spy. Mates are weakness, and my heart will remain shielded.

I will provide for her, I tell myself, soothing my conscience. I will give her every comfort I can. She will lack for nothing.

A trickle of guilt runs through me. No matter what I might tell myself, I’m using the human woman. What I’m doing isn’t right or fair to Olivia.



For a split-second, I imagined Zunix’s eyes on me, wary and assessing, and I wondered if he was onto me. Then his gaze shifted to my breasts.

Insert eye-roll.

When it comes to my 34DD breasts, some things seem universal. Human or alien, guys can’t keep their eyes off the knockers.

Ignoring my faint stab of disappointment, I smile to myself. Zunix is entirely predictable. He’ll be easy to manipulate.

On the other hand, I don’t have much of a read on Liorax. He doesn’t seem to like me very much. Why? I’m inclined to blame the ditz act. I’m whining about clothes, for fuck’s sake. No wonder Felicity thinks I’m as smart as the average pea. Then again, he seemed terse even before I collapsed into tears at the thought of my missing make-up.

I like to know what makes people tick, and so far, Liorax is a mystery to me.

The two Draekons give us a few minutes to absorb the news, then they indicate that we need to be on our way. “Once the sun sets, the detsena will overrun the ground and will eat everything in their path. We must reach camp before that happens.”

I have no idea what the detsena are, and I don’t really care to find out. I’ve lived in the DC metro area my entire life. I’m a city girl through and through. I can rough it, of course—agency training is rigorous—but on balance, the further away I am from wildlife, the happier I get.

Zunix hoists me on his shoulders, taking care not to jostle my left leg. He leads the way. The other women follow, Liorax bringing up the rear. We leave our clearing and plunge through the thickly wooded forest. In less than half an hour, we arrive at our destination.

The camp.

I don’t know what I expected to see. A bunch of tents, I guess, though, in retrospect, that wouldn’t have made sense given the detsena, whatever they are.

But we’re in another massive clearing, the size of four football fields. Enclosing us are tall trees, towering so high that I can’t quite see their tops. Halfway up their mammoth trunks are clustered a handful of small houses, built into the branches of the trees themselves.

I look around from my position in Zunix’s arms, making mental notes for a mission I might not return from. Twelve Draekons emerge from the treehouses and make their way to us.

As they near, I see their faces. None of the twelve look especially happy to see Liorax and Zunix, but when their eyes fall on us, their expressions turn awed. “Prepare yourself,” Liorax mutters under his breath. “It’s about to begin.”