Double the Pleasure

By: Amber Adams

Eve’s daughter-in-law needed a hand. Pregnant with twins and horny—just like Eve—she couldn’t even touch herself. Eve’s husband took take care of her needs, but Lynn had no one.

When Eve offered to help the sexy young woman, she didn’t know how far she’d go. She certainly never expected her husband to show up in the middle of it. Could Eve help them express their mutual desire?

Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves intercourse between a pregnant woman, her husband, and his pregnant stepdaughter (including lesbian sex). All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen and are not biologically related to one another.

Double the Pleasure


Eve Newman opened the front door to find her husband’s former stepdaughter holding on to the door frame and smiled tiredly. “Lynn? Honey, what are you doing all the way across town? You should be resting.”

“Like I can rest this way. I can’t even breathe well.” The pretty redhead patted her swollen belly. “The twins won’t let me get comfortable. As you well know.” She reached out and rested her hand on Eve’s own pregnant tummy.

Her husband hadn’t missed an opportunity to rib them over the coincidence of getting pregnant with twins at the same time. Mark especially loved to tease them that they must have the same mailman, since twins were so rare.

Eve stepped back and let Lynn in. “Are you still on track for June?”

“June 5th. In less than a month this ordeal will be over.”

“We should see if they can give us a room together. Can I get you some tea?”

Lynn waddled over to the love seat and eased herself down. “Please.”

The younger woman’s belly seemed almost obscenely large on her petite frame. Eve saw a Caesarian section in the poor girl’s future. She was lucky that she had a sturdier build, although these babies would be her first, too.

Mark’s first wife had been older than Eve. She and Lynn were barely a decade apart and were close enough to be like sisters. She poured them both a steaming cup and cautiously walked back to join the younger woman.

“Here you go. I’m glad you stopped by. Your Dad has some papers he wanted you to look over.”

Lynn rolled her eyes. “What now? A new IRA? I guess having an investment banker for a father means never having to worry about money. If I had any.”

“He’s set up an educational trust fund for the twins.”

Lynn’s jaw dropped. “Seriously? You guys have already done enough for me.”

She patted her on the leg. “We want to.”

“But you have your own kids to think about.”

“He can’t help himself. Once a daddy, always a daddy. And you will always be his little girl.”

Lynn nodded. “I can’t imagine my life without him. However, I wish there were more guys like him. None of my boyfriends have ever been anywhere near his league. Especially Jake.”

“Forget Jake. You’re better off without him. And missing out on having you and the babies will be his loss. As for Mark, they broke the mold when he was born. No way any man could ever live up to that standard.”

“Isn’t that the damn truth? I always find myself comparing all the guys I date to him, and it never comes out well for them.”

Her tone made Eve smile. “I think someone still has a crush on Daddy.”

“I…no!” Lynn’s pale skin burned red, revealing the lie in her words.

She laughed. “Who could resist a distinguished older man like him? Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Is it really weird to feel that way? He’s my stepdad.”

“You might be surprised how many women feel the same way. We’re always looking for a ‘Daddy’ figure, if you believe Freud. The similarity between him and my own father gets me going. It’s a forbidden fantasy without the guilt.”

“The least you could do is point me in the direction of someone like him, then. I need someone to rock my world.”

Eve smiled slyly. “There’s always Ed from accounting.”

That earned her another eye roll. “Seriously? He’s seventy and has to have oxygen to get around. Give me someone with a hard body like Dad. Someone that can…never mind.” She flushed again.