Double The Pleasure (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies Pregnant Sex)(6)

By: Amber Adams

Lynn’s juices completely coated Eve’s face by the time she had brought the younger woman to a screaming, quivering orgasm. She pulled back and smiled at her husband, inviting him to clean her as she had done to him earlier.

Mark kissed and licked her face until he had cleaned every drop of his stepdaughter’s juices from his wife’s chin and cheeks. “That was nice. Why don’t you give Lynn a kiss.” He picked up the vibrator and stood up.

Eve awkwardly stripped off her clothes and crawled up the bed until she was lying next to the panting Lynn. Looking deep into her eyes, she softly kissed her on the lips. Lynn responded eagerly, slipping her tongue into Eve’s mouth and raising her hand to caress the older woman’s breast.

They kissed with growing passion until Mark leaned over them and slid the vibrator into Eve’s pussy and turned it on. As the sensation threatened to make her eyes roll up in her head, he turned Lynn’s face and kissed her.

His tongue was much more aggressive, invading her mouth and claiming her. Eve watched them French kiss with a smile, bringing her hands to her own breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples while she watched her husband.

He pulled back with a lusty smile and stripped off his clothes. His cock sprang up to attention. “Are you ready to show Daddy what he’s been missing?”

Lynn wrapped her fingers around Mark’s cock, pulled him closer, and licked the precum off the tip. “God, yes.” She sucked him into her mouth, making him moan.

She let him pop out and licked her lips. “I’ve wondered what you tasted like since I was in high school. When I gave up my virginity, I imagined it was you popping my cherry, Daddy.”

“I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Lynn took him back into her mouth and started bobbing her head. Eve could see how limited her range of motion was, but Lynn seemed to be having a good time.

Eve couldn’t reach the vibrator, so she pulled the control up and varied the speed while she played with her tits. The visual stimulation of watching her stepdaughter blow her husband quickly created a feedback loop of pleasure inside her. The way Mark smiled at her fanned the flames inside her until she came.

It wasn’t a big one, as orgasms went, but she knew it was only the first of many. She had two even better ones before she saw Mark making the telltale signs of an impending orgasm.

She rolled onto her hands and knees, gripping the vibrator with her internal muscles to keep it in place. She brought her lips to Lynn’s ear.

“Can you taste it? He’s about to come. He’s going fuck your mouth until he fills it with his cum.”

Lynn moaned and sucked even harder, which pushed Mark over the edge. He held Lynn’s head tight against his crotch and Eve imagined how the hot, salty jets of cum felt on his stepdaughter’s tongue.

She moved as soon as he pulled his cock out of Lynn’s mouth, turning the redhead’s face and clamping her mouth to her cum covered lips. Her tongue wiggled into the younger woman’s mouth and found the milky white treasure inside.

Lynn kissed her back aggressively, pushing some of Mark’s cum into her mouth. They shared his load back and forth until his seed coated every inch of their tongues.

Eve pulled back and swallowed her share. “You are so fucking hot.”

“I’m not done, yet.” Lynn rolled to face Eve and clamped her lips around her nipple. Her tongue danced over the hard nub and her teeth nipped it in the most delightful way.

She smiled at her stepmother. “I never dreamed I’d be making love to another woman, but after the way you ate me, I can’t wait to taste you. Think that will get Daddy hard again so he can fuck me?”

“Hell, yes!” Eve scooted up the bed and positioned herself on her side so that Lynn’s face was just next to her pussy. All she could see was the top of her head, but she could feel the other woman’s hot breath on her sex.

Lynn grabbed the vibrator and slowly worked it in and out of Eve. Her tongue lightly touched Eve’s labia. “Mmmm. You taste nice.”

“Then eat my pussy. That’ll get your Dad all hot and bothered again.”

She shivered in pleasure as the vibrator came out and found the control to turn it off. She wouldn’t need it again. Lynn’s lips replaced it, kissing her right on the lips softly. She tentatively licked at Eve’s slit, her technique rigid and uncertain.