Double The Pleasure (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies Pregnant Sex)(5)

By: Amber Adams

“Mmmm. Lynn has a very tasty pussy. You want a lick?”

“I’d rather not get it from a fake cock. I had no idea you liked women, Baby.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me. I’m a woman. I love secrets.”

“I want to watch you eat her pussy.”

Eve smiled. “Come help me.” She kissed her way onto Lynn’s pregnant belly.

Lynn smiled at him. “I had no idea pregnant women turned you on so much.”

He moved down the young woman’s body with Eve. “We all have our little kinks.”

Lynn chuckled. “Does lusting after your stepdad count?”

Eve sucked on Lynn’s distended belly button, making her gasp. “It makes you just as nasty as us. Does the idea of your dad sucking on your pussy make you hot?”

“Fuck yes! I want to suck his cock, have him fuck me blind, and… And I want to taste my first pussy.”

Eve slid all the way down between Lynn’s thighs, lay on her side, and spread the young woman’s legs wide open. “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to. I’ll be perfectly happy to go down on you anyway.”

“I want to try it. Not just to make you feel good but to see if I like it. I might never ever get another chance.”

Mark settled next to his wife and stared at his stepdaughter’s spread pussy. Her damp labia gaped wide, exposing the wet pink flesh inside her. He licked his lips and looked to his wife.

She smiled at his eagerness. “We can take turns for a while. I know you want to watch me eat pussy, and I kinda want to watch you, too.”

His answer was to lean forward and run his tongue up Lynn’s slit. She twitched and moaned. He took her encouragement to heart and buried his face between her legs.

Eve kissed and nibbled on the redhead’s sensitive inner thigh while she watched her husband’s lips and tongue devour the beauty. Her arousal was overpowering and the scent made Eve want to touch herself. Unfortunately, her large belly prevented that.

She knew from experience just how expertly Mark ate pussy. Her memory supplied the sensations that she knew Lynn was feeling. She slid her hand below Mark’s chin and slipped two fingers into the molten heat of their stepdaughter’s pussy.

“Oh, God! Yes, Daddy! Eat me!”

Her words drove him into a frenzy. His mouth was everywhere, sucking her labia, licking her clit, and he made the sexiest noises deep in his throat.

Eve’s lust peaked as she watched him. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. “It’s my turn.”

He pulled back, his face gleaming with Lynn’s nectar. He covered her mouth with his and they kissed for one long, deep moment. The flavor of Lynn’s pussy on his lips set Eve on fire.

She took a minute to lick his face clean while her fingers continued to thrust into the woman in front of them. By the time she had captured every hint of Lynn’s flavor, she couldn’t wait a moment more.

Eve dove into Lynn with the same gusto Mark had displayed earlier. Her tangy, hot flavor exploded across Eve’s senses as she covered as much of Lynn’s pussy with her mouth as she could, and sucked. Her tongue replaced her fingers and sank as far into the redhead’s heated depths as she could reach, laving the walls of her vagina for the juices pooling there.

This was much better than her little experimentations in college. That had been fun, but the thought of her husband—the love of her life—watching her eat his stepdaughter to a groaning, twitching, mind-expanding orgasm made her burn inside.

She knew the plan had been to share that ultimate moment with him, but now she couldn’t control herself. She wanted to make Lynn come over and over. She thrust her fingers into Lynn’s molten depths and crooked them in search for her G-spot.

Lynn’s body grew taut. “Jesus! Yes, right there! Suck my pussy!”

Eve sucked the beautiful woman’s clit into her mouth and rubbed it with the tip of her tongue, teasing it out from under its hood. The hard nub throbbed with the rapid beat of Lynn’s passion. Eve gently nursed on it, softly pressed her teeth to it, and used the rough edge of her tongue on it until Lynn exploded.