Double The Pleasure (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies Pregnant Sex)(4)

By: Amber Adams

“Honey, I got done early. Is that Lynn’s…?” Mark’s voice behind her trailed off into silence.

“Holy shit!” Lynn jerked as if she’d been electrocuted. She tried to cover herself and sit up, but her belly and the fact Eve was between her legs made that impossible.

Eve looked down her body at her husband. “Lynn needed help with a little problem.”

“Oh my God! Could it get any worse?” Lynn covered her face with a pillow laying near her. “Please, just go away and let me get dressed and leave.”

Eve gauged her husband’s reaction and looked back at Lynn. “You could do that, or I could tell you that your Dad has a special kink for pregnant women. And for you. It isn’t as if you two are blood related, so why don’t you tell him how long you’ve been lusting after him?”

Mark’s and Lynn’s eyes grew huge in disbelief, but her husband was the one to speak. “Eve!?!”

“We’re all adults here and you both know it’s true. Neither of you would ever say it out loud, but anyone can see it. Besides, he’s already seen you naked while I fucked you with a vibrator. How much better would you feel if we both made love to you?”

“We? You mean…”

Eve crawled carefully over Lynn, letting their bellies rub sensuously together. She planted a soft kiss on Lynn’s breast, right below her nipple. “Say yes and I’ll do what I’ve been aching to do since I got you naked; eat that sweet pussy of yours while he shows you what a nice cock he has.”

Lynn took a shaky breath and licked her lips. “This is crazy. This is incest.”

“No it’s not. Not really. You asked me to introduce you to someone like him. And you told me earlier that you have had the hots for him for years and fantasize about him between your legs and shoving his thick cock inside you.” She fucked the vibrator deep into Lynn to emphasize the point, making her writhe in pleasure. “You know that’s what he wants. Otherwise, he’d have said something by now. And I don’t know how much longer I can resist tasting you. You’ve been so alone. Let us make love to you.”

Lynn closed her eyes and pulled Eve’s mouth to her nipple.

Eve sighed and kissed it softly, all the tension flowing out of her. The hard nub drew her lips to suck on it, her teeth to gnaw gently on it. The taste of the younger woman’s skin enflamed the lust inside her. She moved the vibrator control to high speed and left it buried in Lynn’s sopping pussy while she suckled.

Mark stepped up beside them, his hands caressing their hair. “I can’t believe the two most important women in my life are making love right here in front of me.”

Lynn opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “I can’t believe this is happening, either. I never thought you wanted me like I wanted you. And I never, ever thought Eve would seduce me.”

He leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Eve’s been a naughty girl. Not that I’m complaining.” He pressed his lips to his stepdaughter’s and kissed her in a most unfatherly way.

Eve used her teeth to tweak the nipple between her lips while she watched her husband French kiss another woman. She’d never envisioned having a threesome, but she hadn’t known she would be seducing Lynn without discussing it with her husband either. She was lucky he hadn’t hit the ceiling.

She tugged on Mark’s sleeve. “I could use a little help down here. I only have one mouth for two breasts.”

Mark grinned at her and worked his lips down Lynn’s neck, taking his sweet time. Eve knew from experience how overwhelming that felt, so she wasn’t surprised when Lynn arched her back and moaned.

He lowered his mouth to Lynn’s free nipple and sucked it in, looking deep into Eve’s eyes as they pleasured Lynn. The buzzing of the vibrator was a lewd accompaniment to the couple’s foreplay.

With the added attention, Lynn came in no time flat, moaning and writhing, her head shaking from side to side. Her fingers twisted in the couple’s hair, pulling them tight to her breasts.

It was the most erotic thing Eve had experienced in years. She turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of Lynn. She didn’t want to overstimulate her stepdaughter. She brought the sticky device to her mouth and licked it clean, staring into her husband’s eyes the whole time.