Double The Pleasure (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies Pregnant Sex)(3)

By: Amber Adams

“Sweetheart, you’re beautiful.”

Lynn smiled. “Well, at least one person thinks so. Let’s see if I can make this work. Don’t laugh or I’ll absolutely die of embarrassment.”

“I promise.” She took the vibrator from the younger woman and wedged it between two pillows. “Climb on and act like you’re straddling a man.”

Lynn awkwardly eased onto the bed, and positioned herself. She couldn’t reach the vibrator, so she lowered herself by feel. Unfortunately, the vibrator fell over, sliding away from its intended target.


“Here, let me put that back for you.” Eve tore her eyes off the gloriously naked Lynn and propped the toy back up.

Lynn repeated her efforts with an equal lack of success. “This is just how my luck goes.”

“Relax.” Eve held the vibrator up and locked her eyes on the younger woman’s pussy. She could see her swollen labia protruding from the auburn mass of damp curls. She could also smell the woman’s arousal and it made her burn inside.

She aimed the tip of the vibrator at Lynn’s opening. “Okay, let yourself down.”

“This is so weird. It’s almost like we’re having sex.” Her concern didn’t stop her from sinking down until the toy penetrated her. “Oh, God. That’s it.”

“Come on down. All the way.” Eve intentionally failed to answer Lynn’s question, because the answer she wanted to give was yes.

Lynn sank down until her pussy pressed against the back of Eve’s hand. Eve took her time drawing away, making sure her fingers trailed along Lynn’s slit, making her gasp.

“Jesus, that feels so good.”

“It gets better.” Eve turned the vibrator on its lowest setting.

The toy hummed to life and Lynn’s eyes fluttered in bliss. Her body trembled and she moaned. Her hips undulated, trying to take more of the plastic tool inside her.

Eve took the opportunity to bring her hand to her mouth and lick Lynn’s juices off. The aroused woman’s delicious, tangy taste sank straight through her tongue and to her pussy. Liquid heat pooled deep in her middle. She desperately wanted to touch herself, but didn’t want to chance ruining the moment.

She settled for watching Lynn grind herself on the toy with single-minded pleasure. Her enormous tits bounced in a way that made Eve want to take them in her hands and start chewing on those delicious nipples.

Lynn came with a shivery groan, her body twitching. She sat there and twitched with the intensity of her orgasm. After a moment of luxuriating in her satisfaction, she opened her eyes.

“Does it have an in and out function? I would love if it could fuck me, too.”

Eve’s voice was unexpectedly husky. “Well, as a matter of fact, it does.” She reached between Lynn’s legs and pressed the vibrator deeper into the younger woman.

Lynn’s eyes grew huge. “Wait…you’re going to fuck me with it? But isn’t that…having sex?”

“Sweetie, we’ve been having sex. You just weren’t ready to hear me say it out loud. Just relax and close your eyes. I’ll fuck you with this until you come. You know you need it and I know you’ll love it.”

For a second, Eve was afraid she’d push too far, but Lynn leaned back until her spread legs stretched out in front of her.

Eve didn’t waste any time crawling between Lynn’s long, well-toned, and shapely legs. Since she had a huge belly of her own, she had to lie on her side, but she had a fabulous view of stepdaughter-in-law’s juicy pussy. She slowly worked the tool into the other woman’s depths. She revved the vibrator up to medium and started fucking her slowly.

There was something incredibly sexy about watching Lynn’s pink labia gripping the tool as it thrust into her. It got even better when Lynn reached up and started squeezing her own breasts.

Eve’s mouth watered at the sight of Lynn spread out before her and the enchanting scent of her arousal made Eve want to finger herself. Maybe if she was lucky, things would go a little further and her stepdaughter would help her out with her growing desire.

Part of her wanted to just move in and lick Lynn’s clit, which had emerged from its hood and beckoned her to suck it. She didn’t think the younger woman would want to stop now. She knew she certainly didn’t.