Double The Ache(9)

By: Alexa Riley

“Fuck,” I mutter as we make our way over.

When we get to the booth, Nelson spots us and for a second he’s laughing, then, when he sees our reaction, drops his smile and comes out of the DJ booth.

“I knew I could get you guys to co—”

“Where is she?” Wes and I say at the exact same time.

Normally Wes is the crabby one while I’m the comic relief, but right now we both have the same goal. To find Amelia and get her out of this place.

On the way over, Cassie and Emma told us all about the Viper and what kind of celebrities come here. It’s one of the hottest clubs in Vegas right now, and there are a lot of people in here that we sure as hell don’t want around what’s ours.

“Calm down, she went to the bathroom,” Nelson says, holding up his hands.

He looks past me, smiling and winking. I glance over my shoulder and see Cassie holding up a drink to him and then giving him a wink back.

“Stay away from my sister,” Wes orders before we turn and go towards the bathrooms.

I see Cassie shrug as she walks over to Nelson and gives him a hug. They’ve met a few times when my sisters came to visit, but I never thought anything about it. Now I’m wondering how well they know one another. Emma is dancing with one of our guys, Linsley, and I give him a look that tells him to take care of her. He nods as he switches out her drink for water and keeps on dancing. He and Emma usually hang out when we’re all together, but she says she’s not interested. She doesn’t want to date a jock, which I personally find offensive. But whatever, she’s twenty-one now and can make her own decisions.

Wes and I don’t have a problem if Emma dates Linsley, he’s a good guy from a good family and doesn’t drink or party. I’m actually shocked he’s here tonight, but when I look around I see most of the team is. Nelson, on the other hand, is a player, and Cassie damn well knows it. She’s too good for him, but I can’t tell my big sister what to do.

My family is close knit, so I’m sure I’ll find out exactly what’s going on soon enough, but for now I’ve got bigger things to focus on, and it’s in the shape of an hourglass with skin as soft as silk.

When I reach the women’s bathroom there’s a long line. Shocking. Wes and I go up to the door and there are some catcalls while we go. We ignore them and enter. There are three stalls inside with about ten women standing in front of the mirror. I glance around and don’t see her, so I decide to try plan B.

“Yo! Amelia, you in here, baby?” I shout over the music and the noise.

The bathroom bursts into a flurry of giggles and I roll my eyes. After a second of no one answering I decide to try it another way.

“Paging Amelia Green! You’ve got ten seconds to get your apple bottom out of this bathroom before Wes and I come in and get you!”

Suddenly one of the doors is flung open and she steps out scowling at me, mad as hell. The girls in the bathroom start cheering, and her face turns bright red. She walks over to the sink and calmly washes her hands before taking a paper towel and drying them off. She squares her shoulders and marches to where we’re standing, but instead of coming to where we are, she pushes past me, elbowing me in the side as she goes.

“Gahh,” I cry out as I grab my side. I feel Wes chuckle beside me as we watch her go back into the VIP. “What’d I do wrong?”

“You’re an idiot,” Wes says.

“An idiot that’s going to get her to come home with us,” I say, and chase after her.

Chapter Five


I take a deep breath, trying to pull myself together. I was having a pretty good time since I got here. After a few drinks and getting lost in the music I could forget about Wes and Dean. Okay, not forget, but they weren't flooding my every thought with what they might be doing with those girls they let into their home.

A knot fills my stomach all over again thinking about it. I saw the four of them come in together. They were hard to miss. Not only because of their size, but because everyone turned to look at them as they entered and moved through the club. A bunch of people shouted their names and cheered for them. My eyes filled with tears at the sight of them with the other women and knew I had to get myself together. The safest place was the bathroom. I wouldn't let them know it bothered me because I have to work with these two. But my bathroom escape was short lived.