Dominating Devney(Montana Maiden Series Book 3)(8)

By: Vanessa Vale

"We need to stop by Doc's office on the way," I told him, my long strides eating up the distance toward my future wife.

It only took five minutes to walk to the jail. The sun was just starting to brighten the eastern sky as I looked in on Devney. She sat upon a low wooden stool and leaned against the bars. Her hair was long down her back and she wore a white nightgown that covered her from head to toe. She looked exhausted, worried and a little annoyed.

The jail was one large room. McKenzie's desk with two chairs sat by the door, a jail cell to the side. Liberty wasn't known for trouble. Only a drunk or two usually filled the cell to sleep off their problems. McKenzie went to his desk, had a seat and let me approach Devney alone.

She stood as I came to her. I didn't have to look down far to meet her eyes; her head came up to my nose. The white gown only accentuated her virginity, her innocence even though she'd been married for seven years. No husband I knew allowed his wife to wear a nightgown like this, or one at all. When we married, she'd never be covered from me again.

"Are you all right?" I used McKenzie's keys to open the door.

"Yes," she whispered, but looked down.

"Is something wrong?" I looked her over, but the gown covered too much. I felt a flare of worry that she might be injured in some way, that staying in the jail cell had hurt her. It was a new feeling and it surprised me, but when it came to Devney, I was becoming quite protective.

"I need the necessary."

Relief flooded me. "Ah. You need me to remove the harness."

She flicked a glance to McKenzie, then met my eyes. I saw a mixture of embarrassment and interest there. "Yes, I've tried, but I can't get it myself." I could see the pink flush to her cheeks as she came out of the cell to stand before me.

McKenzie tossed me the key to the lock on her belt. I knelt in front of her and worked my hands up from her trim ankles, letting my palms slide the entire length of her legs to find the lock at her lower back. Goose bumps rose on her skin and I felt her shiver, although I knew it wasn't from cold. Her skin was warm, almost hot beneath my hands.

"Hold up your gown, Devney," I told her. She couldn't play modest now; her need for the necessary too great. She complied and I took in her shapely legs, so creamy white. Her pussy was covered by the leather, but I could see that her hair there was indeed as dark as her lashes. Her skin smelled of the floral soap she must use, but I couldn't miss the scent of her pussy as well, so close to my face as it was. It was like an aphrodisiac - just for me. "Turn around." My voice had turned rough.

She did and her ass was right at eye level. It was perfect, high and round. Wide hips flared to a narrow waist. The strip of leather spread her cheeks slightly apart and the belt hugged her curves. I unlocked it, let the heavy leather fall to the floor. Red marks marred her pale skin above her hip and I ran my fingers over them. Her skin was so soft and it was not right that it was irritated.

"Was it too tight?"

Looking down at me with her dark eyes, she shook her head. "Not...not there."

I nodded, understanding where she spoke of. "Go. Remember, if you try to run off like Sarah, I’ll spank you to where you won't be able to sit down for a week."

Her eyes widened in blatant surprise. Clearly, Jenkins hadn’t laid a hand on her in any way. She didn't seem to have a temperament for being contrary, but it was important she knew the consequences from the start. It was her turn to nod, then she went out the back door of the jail. I moved to lean against the doorframe to wait. When she returned, I motioned for her to enter before me. "Let's put the harness back on."

"This isn't necessary, Mr. Bridger." Her hands were up in front of her as if to stop me. "Really." She shook her head and her voice was defiant.