Dominating Devney(Montana Maiden Series Book 3)(3)

By: Vanessa Vale

"I need you to explain the dead man, Devney," Doc said, his voice in a lower pitch that meant he was done with idle chit chat. "The sheriff's here to help."

"Ma'am, did you do the shooting?" McKenzie asked.

Devney sat at the edge of her seat, her posture straight – although not the straight posture of a woman whose ass was corked - her hands folded in her lap. She was so calm, so placid. So mild. "I did. Once Jenkins was dead and buried, the ranch hands decided that Sarah and I could provide them As we did not want to provide or participate in these services, I shot Hank."

"I assume Hank's the man lying out there. The other men weren't successful in their attempts for"

It had been what we'd imagined. Without Old Man Jenkins alive and the ranch being miles from town, if the hands wanted to rape Devney and Sarah, there would have been no one to stop them. I clenched my fists tightly at the idea of those bastards touching them.

"No, they did not," she replied primly. "The others left a few days ago. There was another man, Mr. Wainright from Billings, I believe, who came on his own last night. I only shot him in the arm, so I doubt he's dead. He rode off."

Good. That threat was gone, at least for now. There'd surely be another just like him soon enough.

"They could have just waited for you to run out of bullets," McKenzie countered.

Devney tilted her head and looked the sheriff square in the eye. "You've never been here before Sheriff, otherwise you'd know that Mr. Jenkins was not a man to trifle with. He kept a very large cache of weapons and ammunition here in the house. The hands knew it and the others--besides Hank--were smart enough to realize they were safer to go to Rose's in town with their baser needs than focus on Sarah and me to provide them. As for Mr. Wainright, well...."

Rose's was the brothel in town.

Doc glanced around the quiet space. "Do you have children?"

She shook her head.

No children? What the hell was wrong with Jenkins? With Devney in my bed, I'd fuck her five ways to Sunday. Unless Jenkins' cock didn't work or he took her ass instead, she should have a passel of young ones.

"Then it's true, isn't it, Devney. About your husband?" Doc focused his gaze on the woman, their eyes meeting, holding. It was a standoff without weapons.

I had no idea what Doc was talking about, but it seemed important. I glanced at McKenzie and he gave a slight shrug.

"Devney," Doc said, his voice an octave lower.

She lowered her gaze. "Yes, it's true."

Whatever the hell it was must have been pretty important, but why hadn't Doc shared what he'd surmised with us?

"Where is Sarah?"

"She should be upstairs, although I'm sure she's listening instead," she replied. Turning her head, she called out, "You can join us now, Sarah, if you wish."

Soft footsteps approached. Around the doorway came Sarah Jenkins. Tessa had mentioned the other night at dinner that Sarah had red hair when she'd been in the schoolroom with her. This tiny thing that stood near us had hair the color of fire and was so small she wouldn't have reached my shoulders standing in her bare feet. She looked to be around fifteen, although I knew her to be close to twenty. We stood at her appearance.

"Hello," she said. She was tentative, definitely nervous, but I could see fire in her eyes. Devney may have shot Hank, but I had no doubt this little woman was a spitfire and not one to be underestimated.

"We're taking you both back to town," McKenzie told them. He wasn't asking.

"That's very kind of you, but we're fine here," Sarah replied.

Doc gestured for her to sit. Once she did, we took our seats as well.

"Sarah, there's no man to protect you," McKenzie countered.