Devoted:A Masters and Mercenaries Novella(9)

By: Lexi Blake

Then she moved up, pressing her lips to his. It was only a moment, but heat flashed through his system and he was more alive in that second than he’d felt in years.

She moved down again, her hands coming to her sides and her lips curling up slightly. “Thank you, Sir. I’ll see you upstairs.”

His hands fisted. He wanted to touch her, to drag her back and show her how to properly kiss her Master.

He was a fucking fool and he would never learn.

“I didn’t get your name,” he heard himself saying.

Please tell me the truth. Give me your name. Your real name. Let me believe this was all a crazy coincidence and you’re not playing me.

She turned back slightly as she moved toward the stairs. “It’s Amy. Amy Lyndon. How about you, Sir?”

Something inside him went cold. Unfortunately, it was not his dick. “Flynn.”

“Is that your first name or last name?”

Two could play at her game. She knew damn well what his name was. “It’s John Flynn, but I prefer Flynn.”

No lies there. Merely a set of truths withheld, but then she’d done the same to him.

“It was nice to meet you. I hope…well, I hope you enjoy the class.” She walked up the stairs.

“Damn, you work fast, Flynn.” Wade stepped down the stairs after he nodded to Amy. “I think Kai was right on with that pick. Sorry, it was supposed to be a surprise. She’s your training sub. Sweet lady. I already like her. She’s funny, and I would bet she’ll give you plenty of excuses to smack that pretty ass. She’s in this for the adventure of it. Those are my favorites.”

She’d worked fast. She’d turned him upside down and inside out with nothing more than a few words and an undone zipper.

And there was absolutely no way he was walking out now.

“Good. I think that should make the class very interesting,” Flynn said, his eyes still on her. He kept watching her until she disappeared.

“You wanted to talk to me about something?” Wade asked.

Flynn shook his head. “Nah, it was nothing. I’ll go change.”

“You better hurry,” Wade said with a frown. “You know what happens to Doms who are late to my class.”

It didn’t involve lube but it wasn’t pretty. “I’ll be on time.”

He wasn’t about to miss it. It was the start of their game.

He intended to win.

* * * *

What the hell had she done? Amy managed to walk sedately up the stairs. She was pretty sure he was still watching her.

Him. Flynn.

God, she was blushing at the very thought of him. He was some kind of actor or model. He had to be because that man was flipping gorgeous. He was tall and broad and she’d kissed him.

I would rather have a kiss.

Her heart had threatened to flatline then and there. He’d said it in a low growl that had gone straight past her ears to her female parts, and she’d found herself doing something crazy. She’d gone up on her toes and kissed him but not before she’d really looked at him. There was something about the man, something in his eyes. Something that called to her.



She liked Flynn better than John. Way better. She already had one too many Johns in her world.

What was she doing? She’d already kissed a Dom, and one who was in her training class. How was she going to feel when he got paired up with another sub?

She looked up ahead at the dungeon space they’d designated as the classroom for the night. It looked like there were four women and three men up ahead. She’d known it was a small class, but then Sanctum was pretty selective from what she understood. They tended to take in new members by referral only. She was here because of her sister.

Who did Flynn know?

Maybe he worked for McKay-Taggart. The club had founded around a group of ex-military men who formed a security company. It had been completely private for years, but now they were taking new members since they had a much bigger space.

Apparently the last space had blown up.

Maybe she didn’t want him working for McKay-Taggart. They had dangerous jobs. Maybe he was someone’s brother and he had a perfectly normal, didn’t get shot on a regular basis job.

She didn’t want him to get shot. She kind of wanted to kiss him again.

Focus. She needed to focus on the task at hand and that was not making a complete idiot of herself in front of the class.

She wished she’d talked more to the other subs. The prep class hadn’t been held on the dungeon floor. It had been done in the downstairs conference room and it had mostly been a lecture about safety. They’d been allowed to familiarize themselves with the equipment and explore the club. She’d spent the majority of her time talking to the woman who had led the class. Kori Williamson was engaged to the psychologist who’d approved them all for entrance. Unlike her very serious husband-to-be, Kori was fun and didn’t seem to mind that she sometimes talked way too much.

Kori wasn’t here today and she hadn’t gotten to know the other three women.

She put on a smile. She wouldn’t admit it but she was shy. One didn’t run a company and get to indulge her shyness. Her father had seen it as a weakness and done whatever he could to ruthlessly purge it from her. So she knew how to put on a confident smile even when she kind of wanted to run away. She pretty much felt that way at every board meeting and she knew all those fuckers.

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