Devoted:A Masters and Mercenaries Novella(7)

By: Lexi Blake

“You’re not in leathers, Flynn. Is there a problem? You know I don’t teach you how to put them on, right?”

Flynn looked at Wade Rycroft. Sanctum’s new Dom in residence was a big man. He probably topped out at six and a half feet.

Flynn liked Wade. He had that ex-military vibe all the McKay-Taggart guys had and for good reason. Wade was a recent refugee from the Green Berets. From what Flynn knew about him, he’d been born in Texas and had come home after he’d been discharged due to injuries sustained in battle.

He was big and scarred and had a ridiculously dark wit.

“I need to talk to you about something.” Traffic had made him later than he’d planned. The class was set to start in fifteen minutes.

Wade was dressed in his leathers. Because this was a night class, he wore traditional leathers—pants and vest with boots. No shirt. He looked big and broad. From what Flynn understood, he’d been a cowboy in a past life. He still sent money back to his father’s ranch. It was run by his brothers. He wasn’t sure how many of them there were, but they were all probably as big as Wade.

Flynn wasn’t exactly tiny. When he wasn’t working on code, he liked to hit the gym. He could walk into any place and feel comfortable in his own skin. He was a little bitter he wasn’t walking into the dungeon tonight. He could be starting that part of his life.

But no. Someone wanted to play games. Again, he kind of hated her. If she hadn’t brought their war to the dungeon, he might be meeting a pretty sub this very evening.

Wade held up a hand. “Can you wait a second? I need to make sure I’m properly set up for tonight’s class. It’s my first training class without a Taggart breathing down my neck. Don’t want to disappoint. I’ll be right back.”

He stepped away and Flynn was left in the hallway that connected the locker rooms to the lounge and bar. They would have to go upstairs to reach the dungeon.

Sanctum was the Cadillac of dungeons. Three stories of pure luxury kink that he would have to wait to indulge in.

The door to the women’s locker room came open and he heard feminine laughter. It was light and airy and made him realize it had been far too long since his last date. He’d pulled away from so much in the last few years. Between his doomed engagement and his father’s death, he’d gotten so fucking serious. He’d had to be a father to Chase and keep the company running. He’d felt so damn old the last couple of years. He wanted to feel like he was in his prime. Which according to the media and other sources, he was.

He didn’t feel that way.

Three women stepped out, each lovely in her own way. They were all dressed in fet wear of some kind, two in corsets and miniskirts and one in a tight tank and leather boy shorts. No bra and he could see the outline of her nipples.

Normally he would glance away, but Sanctum was different from the outside world.

He gave them a tip of his head. “Ladies, you are all looking lovely tonight.”

“Thank you, Sir,” one said.

Her friend shook her head. “How do you know he’s a Sir? He could be a sub, too. Men can be subs.”

The third one grinned as if this was all one big adventure for her. “He looks like a Dom to me.”

But he wasn’t yet and it looked like it would be another few months before he could take the class. It was a shame because he’d already been through the Dom training portion. The classes were segregated in the beginning. Doms learned how to behave from Doms and subs had a class of their own. This was the last step to gaining access to club membership.

“Enjoy your class, ladies.” He winked their way and then sighed as they strode up the stairs, perfectly confident in themselves. “I know Wade will take care of you.”

One of those lovely women might have been his training sub if Amy Slaten hadn’t wrecked everything.

“Hi, I know this is probably not a request you get a lot, but is there any way you could help me finish zipping this sucker up?”

He turned and there was a woman poking her head from behind the wall that led back to the women’s locker room. She gave him a heart-stopping grin.

“There’s a hug in it for you at the end,” she promised. “Or a hearty fist bump. Really, it’s whichever makes you more comfortable. I’d offer you candy, but then I would be the creepy chick who walks around offering strange Doms candy. And that would be bad. And I am talking too much. It’s this thing I do when I get nervous. I talk a lot. Like now.”

He couldn’t help but smile. She was standing in the shadows, but he could see her broad smile and it did something for him.

Damn, but he liked a funny girl. He’d always liked the weird ones, the slightly nerdy awkward goddess ones did him in time and time again.

“I would never refuse a damsel in distress.” He stepped up and stopped.

Now he could plainly see her. Pretty blue eyes, a ridiculous amount of shiny black hair, and lips that looked like they’d been made to kiss. Those lips were plump and bountiful. She was tall and had a slender grace that reminded him of a doe.

Ah, the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Amy Slaten was standing right there, already trying to pull him in.

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