Devoted:A Masters and Mercenaries Novella(66)

By: Lexi Blake

Bridget cuddled her son close. “How did the merger meeting go?”

“We’re a go.” After he’d made his presentation and gone over Amy’s goals for the company, the board had voted unanimously to move forward with the plan.

Everything was falling into place.

“And the FTC investigation?” Will asked.

He shook his head. “It was all bogus. I’ve cleaned house and no one is coming after her again. My former CEO was too much like my father when it came to business. I loved my dad, but I think he enjoyed the game too much. I want some peace in my life.”

“And George?” Will asked.

“My father is an idiot,” Bridget interjected. “We don’t have to worry about him. He can’t come after Slaten now and Mom is talking about divorcing him. I think Aunt Beverly is an evil genius. She’s a horrible woman, but she likes the idea of the merger so she sent Mom pictures of Dad kicking a puppy or something. You know Mom. She hates humans but loves those mean corgis of hers. I swear she trains them to pee on my shoes. So now he’s going to be fighting that battle and we’ll have time to merge the companies and live happily ever after.”

A little chaos could definitely be his friend.

“I managed to work some magic for you here.” Amy slipped her hand into his.

“Seriously? Did the new bed come in?” Because damn he missed his California king.

“It’s currently taking up our entire bedroom,” she groused with the sweetest frown. “We’re moving and soon. No, I was talking about something else. Apparently when you trick a sub at Sanctum the only way to get back in is to marry her and make her very happy. Wade is going to put us through a few tests and then we’ll be able to play.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. He was fairly certain Wade would find a reason to send him to Butt Plugging 101 where he had to take a plug, but he would do anything to get back to the place where they fell in love. “I’m so glad, pet. You have no idea how happy that makes me.”

“And I’ve already got the plot for your book,” Bridget said with a grin.

Will groaned. “She’s turned you into triplets, Flynn. Count yourself lucky. There were like five of me. I have no idea how I would handle five of me.”

Bridget’s wink told him she knew. “It’s just a fantasy, babe. You’re more man than I can handle.”

“I’m going to get this one home. I’m sure he’s tired.” Amy held her sister’s hand. “Love you.”

Bridget squeezed it. “You too, sis.”

She turned and walked to him. “Ready?”

With her by his side, he was ready for anything.

* * * *

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