Devoted:A Masters and Mercenaries Novella(6)

By: Lexi Blake

“Because your stock would tank and we would be viewed as soft.” Mitch hung up the towel. “I’m surprised she would do that. You know I advised her on the takeover. I can’t talk about it, but I liked her. She seemed very stable and unlike her father. Are we certain this isn’t her father still trying to cause trouble? He would likely have people on the inside at Slaten.”

Flynn knew well enough that a woman wasn’t always as she seemed. “All I know is in the last year, Slaten has come after us and hard, so I find it interesting that a woman who, according to rumors, hates me and my company would end up as my training partner. Oh, but she’s not using her real name and she doesn’t know I know what she looks like. Does she know I’m your brother?”

“I don’t think it’s been brought up,” Mitch replied. “She only recently moved here and she hasn’t done much socializing. Laurel met her briefly at her wedding, but I don’t believe they’ve talked since. Laurel isn’t particularly close to Bridget, though they’re friendly. We see her at holidays. I assume we’ll see Amy with her this year. We’ll certainly invite her, but I doubt she’s been told anything about you by Laurel.”

But Amy knew something. It was the only explanation. “I think this is all one big plan by Slaten. They haven’t gotten what they want and now they’re sending in the big guns.”

“You think they want the code you’ve been working on?”

Of course they did. “I think they’ve figured out that I’m working on it remotely so their hackers can’t touch it. I’ve got it on a system with no Internet connection.”

He couldn’t be too safe. He kept two hard backups, but otherwise he had the only copy of his work.

“As your brother, I’m going to advise you to step back.” Mitch walked up and put a hand on his shoulder. “No matter why she’s doing it, this isn’t business. You can’t go into this training relationship without honesty.”

That seemed unfair. “I’m not the one who hasn’t been honest.”

“But you make the choices and decisions when it comes to who you are and what you do to other people. You joined this group to find yourself. Don’t turn this into something ugly. Go to the club tonight and explain the situation to Wade. He’ll get you into another class and you’ll have done the right thing. You can find the relationship you really want. You do the training right and put your heart and soul into it, and I can assure you you’ll enjoy yourself. You’ll take your time and find the right sub for you. I meant what I said, Flynn. You’ll find a lot of peace in the lifestyle if you let it work for you. Laurel and I have.”

Yes, Laurel was so submissive. Laurel had actually softened his brother and turned him from a hard-core, full-time Dom into an indulgent husband. He wasn’t so sure he was looking for that. The whole marriage ship might have sailed for him. He couldn’t trust a woman enough to make that kind of commitment to her, but a contract might do. A well thought out and executed contract with rules and guidelines might bring him some peace.

Was he willing to risk that so he could bring Slaten Industries to…what exactly was his end game with them? They shouldn’t compete for clients. Slaten was big, but his firm was gargantuan.

“I’ll talk to Wade tonight.” He ran his hand over his nephew’s back and sighed. Something about a baby…

Maybe it was all about the future. He wanted one. He couldn’t have one if he kept getting swept up in the past.

“And I’ll set up a meeting with Amy Slaten next week and we’ll sit down and hash this out. Like adults. I can go into the next training class and start looking for a sub,” Flynn said. “I don’t want to play around too much, Mitch. I want something settled.”

He wanted a woman who suited him and some peace. That was all. He had his family. It was time to find some happiness and that meant putting the past behind him.

Mitch smiled his way. “I’m so glad to hear you say that.”

“Say what?” Laurel walked in the door, followed by Chase.

“Probably something silly.” His younger brother was carrying his backpack and some groceries. “Or about code. Flynn loves to talk about code.”

Laurel beamed as she kissed Mitch and then turned to her other man. She picked up her son and cuddled him. “Hey, baby boy.”

“Flynn was talking sense for once,” Mitch said with a smile. “Now I have a lasagna from Top in the fridge. Who wants dinner?”

“I thought you were having quiet time with Laurel.” Lasagna sounded ridiculously good and hey, it wasn’t like he was going to have a fun night. He got to go into Sanctum and give up his spot and wait another two months for another one.

Two months before his life could start.

He kind of hated Amy Slaten in that moment.

“That’s for later,” Laurel said with a wink. “Let’s have a nice family dinner.”

That sounded perfect to Flynn.

Chapter Two

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