Devoted:A Masters and Mercenaries Novella(4)

By: Lexi Blake

Her sister wrote about the world of D/s. Bridget was a romance author and had quite a career. Of course, she also wrote what she liked to call mega ménages, where one woman ended up with five or six men all desperate to service her. Bridget lived in a fantasy world and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the one outside of it. She was also super pregnant with her first kid and not playing a ton these days. Still, if it made Frankie happy to think Bridget was watching over her, she would go with it.

She kissed his cheek and watched him walk away. The man was fine either way he went. Coming or going.

“Ms. Slaten, you have a call on line two,” her assistant said, poking her head in the door.

Amy sighed. “Thank you, Val.”

Tonight she wouldn’t be Ms. Slaten. She would be Amy or pet or whatever her training Dom wanted to call her.

Only hours to go before she could spend some time in another world. Hopefully it would be better than this one.

* * * *

John Flynn Adler, Jr. stared at his brother from across the bar that separated Mitch’s kitchen from his living room. Perhaps he hadn’t understood. Maybe having a child had turned Mitchell’s brain soft. “What do you mean?”

Mitchell Bradford was his half brother. For much of his life, Mitch had been a complete mystery to Flynn. It had only been when their father was dying that he’d connected with his brother. Getting close to Mitch and his wife, Laurel, had been exactly what Flynn had needed at the time.

At the time? He needed it now. He might always need it. Mitch was a taciturn son of a bitch, but he was a great brother. Chase, their youngest brother, was now in college and doing better than Flynn would have imagined and it was all because Mitch had stepped up. Chase lived in Mitch’s guesthouse and was treated like a member of the family by Laurel, who ensured the kid ate something other than mac and cheese.

Sometimes Flynn envied his kid brother. His Victory Park condo had amazing views and he’d discovered it meant nothing if he had no one to share it with.

“Amy Slaten is the partner Kai and Wade selected for you to work with. I peeked at the list when I was reviewing some of Sanctum’s business contracts.” Mitch patted his son on his back in a rhythm only he could hear. He carried Johnny around a lot as the boy seemed determined to only sleep on top of other human beings. “I swear if I’d known she was going to be in that class, I would have moved you to another one. I only figured it out this morning. In their defense, they don’t know about the corporate war the two of you are involved in. Both companies have been very careful about keeping it out of the press. So should I talk to Wade or do you want to do it?”

Amy Slaten. His nemesis, according to the man who ran his company. Amy Slaten was following in her father’s very ruthless footsteps by sending spies into his company and hacking in to steal their data.

Oh, she looked all soft and sweet. She was a gorgeous woman. He’d seen her at a few functions but had chosen not to be introduced. Since he’d handed over the reins of the company to a hired CEO and changed his personal focus to R&D and raising Chase, he tried to stay out of that particular war.

He was still listed as the president of the company, still the figurehead, but he preferred to work on the creative side. When he’d left California behind, he’d tried to start over. The new software he was developing would change the way his clients did business.

The last thing he needed was to get involved in a D/s relationship with his business rival.

And yet, they’d had so many security breaches he had to wonder if he wasn’t passing up an opportunity.

“You don’t think I should go through with it? Maybe it would be a good way to get to know my enemy.” And to see if she’d planned it this way. It was too coincidental to think they would be in the same club at the same time and get partnered up in an intimate pairing.

Slaten was known for dirty dealings. Maybe this was her next play. He would never know if he backed off.

Besides, she really was a beautiful woman.

Mitch stared at him in a way that let him know big brother thought he was a dumbass. Flynn wasn’t sure how Mitch had perfected that particular stare. It might have come to him naturally when he’d become a dad. “Are you serious?”

It would be better to back off. The trouble with Amy Slaten was her connection to Laurel. Laurel’s brother, Will, was married to Bridget, Amy’s sister. God, sometimes he was fairly certain any Sanctum family tree would be the weirdest tree, with branches that wound around each other in a stranglehold. He’d managed to stay away from that side of the family. From what he understood, Bridget Slaten, now Daley, took next to no interest in her family company, though she had taken on a voting share when her sister had commandeered Slaten. She would be nothing but a guaranteed vote at a board of directors meeting. He would actually be surprised if Bridget knew who he was and how he was connected to her sister.

“I think it might be interesting to see what happens.” And if she’d done all of this so she could play Mata Hari. How far would she go?

Mitch was silent for a moment. A little too silent.

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