Devoted:A Masters and Mercenaries Novella(10)

By: Lexi Blake

The three women were standing to the side, whispering among themselves. There was a full complement of hair colors. The tall one was blonde and built like a swimsuit model. There was a petite redhead with a sweet smile and a curvy body, and a brunette who looked a bit like she should be standing with the Doms. She was on the severe side. If she had to guess, that woman likely worked for the security company. She had a military look about her.

The redhead gave her a wave. “Hi, Amy.”

Amy searched her memory. Redhead, she’d worn lace the first day but it hadn’t been racy. Lucy. “Hi, Lucy.” She glanced at the other two. They’d all been introduced that first class. Blonde like Dolly Parton. Jolene. “Jolie, it’s nice to see you again.” Brunette. Held herself like a queen. “Regina.”

Regina frowned. “How do you remember everyone’s names? Did you write them down? Because I didn’t write them down and I haven’t talked to you at all. I don’t remember your name and now I feel bad about it. I don’t like feeling bad about things.”

Jolie sighed. “Don’t mind her. She’s nervous. She doesn’t like feeling nervous either. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like feeling much of anything.”

“Emotions are overrated,” Regina agreed.

“I use a mnemonic device,” Amy explained, grateful to be talking. “It’s one of those things they teach you when they’re training you to be in sales.”

Lucy nodded. “My dad was a salesman. Insurance. He had to go into a room full of people and memorize names very quickly.”

“I can never remember names,” Jolie complained. “But I think I want to memorize that man’s abs. I’m sorry. We were objectifying the men. Want to join us? Any idea why there are four of us and only three of them?”

“I’m not sharing,” Regina said. “I did that enough during my marriage. I told Karina this wouldn’t work. I’m not a ménage girl. Not if there’s another girl involved. I don’t like girls. I definitely don’t want to share a Dom with one.”

“I met the fourth one downstairs.” She was with Regina. She kind of didn’t want to share either. Not Flynn. It wasn’t her call. “I think there are enough to go around.”

“I don’t know. I think that one is totally big enough to share.” Lucy was eyeing the biggest guy in the room, a massive slab of muscle. “I’ve actually seen him before. He comes into the restaurant I work at every now and then. I think they call him Bear. Or is that one of those mnemonic devices?”

“That was his call sign in the military, ladies,” a deep voice said. Suddenly Wade was behind them, staring them all down. “Do I need to go over the club rules on gossip?”

The other three were quiet, though Regina was silent with a mulish look on her face. Lucy and Jolie suddenly seemed to find their feet really interesting.

So it was up to her. Every group of subs needed a ringleader. She’d learned that from Bridget’s books. It looked like that was going to be her. “We weren’t gossiping, Sir.”

Wade turned on her like a predator who’d recently figured out where his next meal was going to come from. “Then what were you doing, sub?”

Yep. All eyes were on her now. Awesome. Regina’s lips curled up in a snarky smile as if to say, yeah, newbie, get us all out of this one.

All the men were looking at her, including the truly gorgeous one who looked even better in leathers than he had in street clothes. Flynn joined the other men and damn but that boy worked out. He also had the steely-eyed thing down. He was staring at her, waiting for her answer.

There was nothing to do but answer him honestly. “We were objectifying them, Sir. Sexually.”

A laugh exploded out of Wade’s mouth but he quickly covered it by coughing. He shook his head as though that had been the last thing he’d been expecting. She could see the baby Doms all smiling.

With the exception of one. Flynn did not look amused.

Wade’s lips were still curled up, though his shoulders squared. “Ladies, these are men and they have feelings. You can not treat them like sexual objects.”

“I would like to be treated as a sexual object, darlin’,” the tall, lean one with sandy blonde hair said. “Don’t you listen to the big bad Dom. You objectify away.”

Wade rolled his eyes. “Let this be a lesson. Never ever let your brother talk you into being his training Dom. I’m already uncomfortable. Let’s get started. Once you’ve been partnered, I would like you to take the first few minutes of this class to talk to your partner about what you’re looking for from training. Over the next few days, you’ll develop your contract and begin to figure out how you work as partners. Rand, you are partnered with Jolie. Please go and sit down and try not to act like a dumbass.”

Rand strode forward and held a hand out to the lovely blonde. “Don’t listen to him, darlin’. He’s just irritated because I got all the looks in the family.”

Jolie was smiling as she walked toward the set of chairs that had been placed in the “classroom.”

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