Deathly Magic (Here Witchy Witchy Book 2)

By: A.L. Kessler

Here Witchy Witchy Book Two

To Crystal, dream big <3

Thank you to everyone who has made this series an amazing success. Here Witchy Witchy is bigger than I ever dreamed of. Thank you to my betas and my editors because without you I’d be lost. Special thank you to Jennifer Fleming for edits and Jasmyn Novachek for proofreading and helping me with the van scene. You two are wonderful. Shout to my street team for helping me spread the word. One giant thank you to my PA Crystal with Eating Between the Lines, you keep me on track and make sure I know what’s going on. Kelsey Dobbins thank you for allowing me to use your likeness, I hope you enjoy your cameo. And to my husband, because I love you…and you supply me with coffee.


I swiveled in my chair, swinging from left to right over and over. It had been six months since my last big case. Sure, my new partner Nick and I had solved small cases since, but I was starting to think the big bad supernatural creatures in the world were either plotting something huge or they were all too scared to try anything.

"Abby, you're making me nervous." Nick's voice drew my attention from my screen He’d slicked back his brown hair into a business style and his green eyes would have any woman swooning. Honestly I’d have fallen for him, if he hadn’t lied when I first met him. He’d been working on his own mission as a PIB agent, but had told the office that he was my boyfriend. He thought I had something to do with his case but told me the reason he sought me out was to reconnect with an old friend. It turned out I was hunting his brother. After my case was over, the department decided to make Nick and I partners. Great…except for I killed his brother.

I stopped rotating in my chair. "Sorry, the paperwork was so fascinating I needed something else to do." Not that there was paperwork on my screen. He was working in front and to the left of me. He faced me from behind his desk so we could see each other. Our partnership was supposed to be temporary, which is why he was sharing my office, but we'd yet to figure out when he was moving out.

"Right. I'm going to go grab lunch. You want something?"

"No, thank you. I think I'm going to go take a walk." My phone went off and I swept it up. Nick had paused halfway out of his chair.

"Agent Collins speaking." I said. I knew the number on the screen. It belonged to Detective Mason, which meant something had happened. Finally.

"Hey Abby, we've got bodies down by Memorial Lake. It's not pretty, can you get down here?"

Bodies? Multiple. "Nick and I'll be down there as soon as we can."

"I'd prefer if it was just you." He sounded irritated, but there wasn’t much I could do about bringing Nick along.

"Can't. Rules are rules." I sighed. "Give us fifteen minutes, we're at the office." I motioned for Nick to continue to get ready.

"Hope you haven't eaten yet." Were Mason's last words before the call ended. I looked at Nick. "We have multiple bodies, Mason sounds shaken."

"It's noon, how did no one find them until now?" He shrugged his jacket on.

I grabbed my jacket off the back of my chair and pulled it on. "I don't know, maybe they've been working on it all day. Mason doesn't call unless he's sure it's supernatural. He's seen the darker side of human nature, he'd rather it be that."

Nick nodded. "Back home, we'd be lucky to get a call before the body count hit five."

I snorted. "Luckily for me, Mason's damn good at what he does."

"Ever gotten a case outside his jurisdiction?" Nick asked and held the office door open for me.

I smiled, because that could mean so many things. I've worked cases for Levi, the vampire who raised me, that were outside of Mason's jurisdiction. Nick didn't need to know about that. "I've gotten called to consult once or twice, but never have I gotten a case specifically handed to me."

"It can get tricky." Nick shrugged. "I'm driving."

I wanted to drive my nice new SUV, but since my last car blew up, I couldn't blame him for wanting to drive. We got into his shiny new black Charger and he took off for the crime scene. "I really wanted lunch."

"I'm sure lunch before a multiple body homicide is a bad idea." I chuckled. "But if it's not gruesome, lunch is on me."

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