Dark Carousel (Dark Carpathian #29)(8)

By: Christine Feehan

The three men were serial killers. The bodies couldn’t have been found, or the murders would have been splashed across every news station imaginable. She knew she couldn’t keep her hand around the glass much longer and maintain her embarrassed smile. Genevieve looked so anxious, her face pale, her gaze studiously avoiding the three men but centering on Charlotte as if her life depended on it.

As if she knew the men would see her desperate fear, Genevieve leaned toward Charlotte. “Are you certain we shouldn’t leave? The last time you drank anything that affected you so adversely, I had to take you to the hospital.”

Charlotte was very proud of her. Genevieve might by terrified, but she was thinking all the time. She’d said the perfect thing to reinforce Charlotte’s explanation. Slowly, she let go of the glass, having pushed it halfway across the table.

“I’m all right, Vi. I just took a little sip and knew instantly something was wrong.” She shrugged. “I should have spit it out, but I didn’t want Daniel to think I was spitting all over him.”

The men laughed, although she could tell it was forced. She wasn’t certain they were buying her little charade. She leaned back in her seat. It was time to change the subject and do a little digging. “Vi and I met in France and have been best friends ever since. Where did the three of you meet? You obviously have been friends for a long time.”

“School,” Vince answered immediately, turning his attention to Genevieve. He ran his finger from her bare shoulder to her wrist. “Grammar school. I love that sexy little French accent you have.”

Bruce nodded and leaned toward Genevieve. “How long have you been in the States?”

Charlotte was grateful for Genevieve’s French accent. It always managed to be a conversation changer. As a distraction, it worked very well.

“We met while working on art projects in Paris,” Genevieve supplied, deliberately taking the attention away from Charlotte. “Charlie was interning, learning art restoration from some of the greatest in the world, and I was painting. We became great friends.”

Charlotte casually reached for the napkin in front of Daniel, the one he’d been resting his hand on. She crumpled it up slowly, finger by finger, dragging it into her palm as if doing so absently, smiling and nodding to indicate the introduction in France was a good moment for them both.

It was difficult to keep her smile in place and she welcomed the opportunity to shift her attention from Daniel to Genevieve, because even with the object being new and fresh rather than older, as her talent preferred, she was getting enough images to know that Daniel and his friends had been stalking Genevieve and her for a long while. And they’d definitely been in France.

Her heart pounded hard. She saw flashes of the building where she’d gone to test her psychic abilities. Genevieve and she had gone in laughing, determined to have fun. It never occurred to either of them that they might be in danger or that the danger would follow them and possibly hurt others they loved.

Daniel and Vince had followed them back to the little studio they were renting together. She didn’t see them anywhere near where Genevieve’s grandmother lived, nor were there even the faintest memories of standing over the body after or during the time of the murder. She didn’t see them near her brother or his home, either.

Taking a deep breath she let go of the napkin. The three men had been in France, followed them from the Morrison Center, where Genevieve and Charlotte had done the psychic testing, and now had followed the two women to the United States. They were Americans, but from where, she wasn’t certain. She was frustrated with the fact that she didn’t get clear, detailed information like she did on older objects.

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