Daddy's Pregnant Darling(8)

By: Amber Adams

He held it out for her to see. “Already have it.” She smiled at the lewd sound it made as he squirted some on his fingers. “It’s going to be cold.”

“Not for long. Get those fingers of yours up my ass.”

Craig spread her butt cheeks apart with one hand and rubbed lubricant on her tight rosebud. That woke her body back up. The invasion of his slippery fingertip made her gasp with pleasure.

Her body tensed up slightly despite being relaxed from orgasm after orgasm. It had been almost two years since anyone had put anything in her ass and she needed to take this slow. Especially since she didn’t know how the baby would affect the equation.

She let Craig go at his own pace, figuring if he went too fast then she could tell him to slow down, but he didn’t rush anything. His finger gently pushed in just a little before pulling back. He kept adding KY and didn’t push too far at once. Before she knew it, he had his index finger buried to the last knuckle inside her.

“You okay?”

She nodded. “You’re doing perfect. Give me a second finger and stretch me. I need to feel comfortable when you stick your cock in me.”

His second finger hurt a little, but not overly so. He kept the restrained pace he’d set earlier which she found difficult to understand. In his place, she didn’t know if she could hold back. He was amazing.

When she found herself getting lost in the sensations and squeezing her tits, she knew she was as ready as she was going to get. “Put your cock in me. Slowly.”

She gasped and felt empty when he pulled his fingers out of her. She waited with anticipation as he lubed his cock and shivered a little when he planted the tip against her ass. She took a deep breath and relaxed.

He pushed forward slowly and inexorably. The head of his cock stretched her sphincter wide and she gritted her teeth as the first sharp pain hit her. She bore down on him and the head of his cock popped past the tight ring of muscle.

“Wait a minute. Let me get used to you.” Her asshole was on fire, but she knew the pain would pass. She’d gotten past the hardest part. Now she just had to get accustomed to having him fill her back door.

The pain faded to a dull ache quickly and she pushed back against him, taking a little more inside her. He gradually surged against her, sinking in another fraction of an inch. Working together, they slid closer together until his balls touched her ass. She was mildly surprised that the baby didn’t make it feel weird.

“Good God, your ass is even tighter than your pussy, baby. It’s amazing.”

“Oh, yeah. Fuck my ass nice and slow. I’ll tell you when to speed up.”

He put his hand on her hip and pulled back out a few inches before sliding into her with one long, smooth stroke. She moaned as pain and pleasure mixed inside her and caused her pussy to purr. She knew she would come even harder from him fucking her up the ass. She could tell.

Her asshole loosened with every stroke of his cock until he was easily pumping into her with every thrust. She rocked her hips back to encourage him to go faster, which he did. In just a few minutes, he was fucking her ass almost as hard as he had her pussy. All she felt was sexual bliss.

The forbidden nature of the act made what they were doing even more exciting for her. How could it get any kinkier? The thought consumed her and she started egging him on.

“That’s it, Daddy! Fuck your pregnant little girl up her tight, nasty ass! Shoot your hot cum deep inside her!”

He fucked her faster with every taunt and she could tell he was getting close as he grunted behind her. She was ready to feel his hot cum inside her.

Craig slid an arm under her body and found her breast. His fingers again pinched her nipple, making her breathe sharply and then groan. His other hand raised her leg and found her clit. How he could do that and still fuck her like a maniac, she had no idea, but now she could feel the tension rising inside her. He was going to make her come.

He came first, burying his cock balls deep inside her. She felt him swell and twitch as the hot, liquid heat of his cum coating her insides. The first spurt set her off and she trembled uncontrollably as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had raced through her body.

Locked together in carnal pleasure, they cried out with madness then slowly drifted back down to reality. He lowered her leg and snuggled against her back as his cock slowly deflated and slipped out of her ass with a soft pop. She could feel a small trickle of his cum oozing out of her ass.