Daddy's Pregnant Darling(7)

By: Amber Adams

Just when she thought she wouldn’t be able to breathe any more, he slowly kissed his way down her neck and between her breasts. His hands moved from caressing her back to her huge belly. “You have no idea what having you against me is doing to my insides.”

“If it’s anything like how you’re making me feel then you’re totally wet and ready to be fucked.”

“Close.” He captured one of her nipples with his mouth and sucked.

The sensation was so intense that her back involuntarily arched off the bed. It was as if every nerve in her body led to her nipple. Her pussy slickened with anticipation and waves of pleasure washed over her skin.

Then he took it between his teeth and gently nibbled it.

“Oh, my fucking God!” Her body stretched and her hands pulled his mouth tighter against her. “Harder. Bite them like you mean it.”

When he did, it was like a psychedelic drug trip. Rainbows flooded her vision and lightning lit up her brain. She had never felt anything this intensely pleasurable. It had to be because she was pregnant. It had to be.

Craig slid one hand down the curve of her belly and his finger expertly slipped between her lips and sank into her pussy, landing almost immediately against her g-spot. He started caressing it while his thumb rubbed slow circles across her clit, never putting too much pressure on her sensitive nub.

Jane trembled and shook with sensations that were so intense she couldn’t speak, couldn’t think. The nerve cluster in her clit seemed to expand until every nerve in her body joined, and then unimaginable pleasure consumed her. Amazing sensations shot from her center to every part of her body as she came.

Her body trembled uncontrollably and she screamed her release. She’d never felt anything like it. It totally redefined what it meant to have a big O.

Craig barely gave her time to recover from the power of her orgasm before he straddled her lower leg and raised the other up to his chest. He slipped into her easily with one stroke until his balls slapped against her inner thigh.

She moaned as he spread her wide and filled her. “Fuck Craig, you feel so good inside me.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.”

“If I’d known what I was missing, I’d have let you sneak into my room every night to fuck me blind.”

He pulled out slowly and made her shudder with his slow thrust back into her. “How gentle do I need to be?”

“Daddy doesn’t need to worry about hurting his grandchild. He can fuck his girl as hard and fast as he wants. Do it, Daddy. Fuck me hard.”

Without another word, he pounded into her. She tried to watch at first and then gave up, letting her head lay flat on the spread and just being the receptacle of his cock. And his cum. That thought made her moan.

Her world shrank to his cock slamming into her repeatedly. She felt like she could feel every vein and ridge of his cock as she squeezed him tight. He fit inside her like a hand in a glove. This was where his cock was meant to be.

Jane had no idea how he held out, but she came first. She writhed in pleasure while her pussy locked him deep inside her. Her muscles milked him, trying to make him come, but he didn’t.

Just when she thought she couldn’t feel any better, he reached down, tweaked her nipple between two fingers, and gently twisted.

That made her crazy with desire. The sensory overload dimmed her vision as a third all-powerful orgasm roared through her like a freight train.

Craig resumed pounding her, setting off a series of smaller orgasms like a string of firecrackers. As soon as one eased, another one started. They just kept getting bigger until her mind could no longer function and the world went dark.

He was lying behind her with his arm around her belly and his hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks when she came back around. The world seemed to be spinning a little and she felt slightly woozy.

“Did you come? I think I missed it.” Her voice sounded hoarse in her ears.

“Not yet, but it was close. God, Jane, you are so damned tight. I have never felt anything so good.”

“Mmmm. Sweet talk like that will get you anywhere. Like up my ass. I’m all loosened up now. Get the KY and get me nice and lubricated.”