Daddy's Pregnant Darling(3)

By: Amber Adams

She’d make sure things stayed amicable between her and her stepfather. He was pretty easy going, so she didn’t anticipate many problems before the baby arrived. After that, things would get stressful again. What man would want a squalling baby around if it wasn’t his?

Craig was back in the hot tub by the time she waddled out. She eyed his bare chest and wondered if he was naked again. The thought made her pussy damp. Jesus, she really needed to get laid.

He started to rise to his feet and help her sit, but stopped short. “Sorry. I’d help you sit, but I don’t have a suit.”

“That’s okay, I think I can manage.” She stepped down on the first step under the bubbling surface of the water and sat on the edge of the tub. Her eyes searched the foaming water over his legs, but she couldn’t see anything. The hot water felt heavenly on her feet. “How do you go swimming in the lake without a suit?”

He grinned. “As nature intended. Butt ass naked. We’re a pretty informal group out here.”

The mental image of his nude body sluicing through the water didn’t do a single thing to make her any less horny. If she could actually reach her pussy, she’d get off on it later, but physics made that impossible for another month or so. Better to try to think of something else. “This feels nice. You wouldn’t believe how bad my feet get to hurting.”

“Would you like me to rub them for you?”

“I was only kidding about that, but I’d be your slave for a foot massage.”

He chuckled. “It sounds like you’re not getting the attention you need. Lay back and I’ll see what I can do.”

She inched herself back until she was flat on the deck. “You have no idea. Everything between my feet and my shoulders hurt.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll start with your feet and work my way up. How does that sound?”

“Like paradise.”

He picked up her foot and started rubbing his thumbs along the sole. “How’s that?”

“Nice, but not nearly enough pressure. Dig in. I’ll let you know if it gets too rough.”

Craig slid his thumbs back down hard and a blast of pain and pleasure shot though her.

She moaned in spite of herself. “Yes! Just like that!”

The next few minutes were pure bliss. He rubbed every part of her aching foot until she was limp and whimpering. The process felt even better when he hit the other foot. By the time he was done there, she was a puddle on the deck.

She rolled her head in a circle to ease her neck and ended up facing the glass door. In it, she could see their reflection clearly. She was sprawled back in an almost sexual position and he was staring right at her belly where the tee shirt had ridden up. Or between her spread legs. She couldn’t tell which.

The desire in his eyes was obvious, though.

Watching him looking at her like that reignited the heat between her legs. It was as if he was using Superman’s heat vision to light her on fire. If anything, he was probably wishing he had x-ray vision to see through her shorts.

She really, really shouldn’t even be thinking about it, but it had been so long since she’d had sex. Hell, it had been a lifetime since she was even able to masturbate. Maybe she could get an entirely different kind of massage and show him how thankful she was that he let her stay all at one time.

The baby picked that moment to give her a good, solid kick. “Ooof! The little bugger is getting active. It usually comes in sets. Would you like to feel?” She pulled her shirt up further, fully exposing her distended belly.

His touch on her belly was soft and gentle. Other people had touched her to feel the baby, sometimes without a hint of invitation. It was as though her being pregnant meant it was okay for anyone to just come up and cop a feel. Whether she wanted it or not.

Craig’s touch was very welcome, and for the first time, his touch felt sexual. The heat of his hands scorched her and she knew her panties were getting soaked. Could he see a wet spot in her shorts? Did he know how worked up he was making her?

“I’ve always been in awe of women.”

“And rightly so.”

He laughed. “I mean because they can make another human being. That is amazing and special. Somehow, pregnancy makes a woman so much more…alluring.”