Daddy's Pregnant Darling

By: Amber Adams

Jane Nordstrom checked her GPS again and frowned. The stupid thing said she’d arrived at her destination and that was patently false. She sat in the middle of a dirt road, surrounded by tall pine trees, which towered over her as if they were trying to intimidate her.

Or maybe she was just nervous. She really should’ve called Craig before she started up into the mountains, but she wasn’t sure how he’d react to her intrusion on his privacy. They’d gotten along well enough since her mother left him for that guitarist, but she needed a really big favor and she couldn’t help but worry he wouldn’t be willing to help her.

If some boogey man didn’t jump out of the woods and kill her first.

Ignoring the butterflies in her gut, she double-checked the address she’d entered into the GPS. It matched. So, his place had to be close, right? She eased off the brake and continued around the curve. A rutted track that made this road look like a superhighway branched off to the right. The mailbox showed the right address written in faded permanent marker.

Her butterflies took off all at once, making her feel sick. The wait was almost over.

Jane turned up the lane and inched along, wincing at every bump and jostle to her car. Some of the potholes had to go halfway to China.

The thick overgrowth thinned out slowly until she could see a clearing with a large, one story cabin on the edge of a lake. Its walls were made of rough-hewn logs and there was a massive wrap around porch looking out over the water and the mountains across the lake.

It was absolutely beautiful.

She parked beside his truck and killed the ignition. There was no sign of anyone moving in the house, but he had to have heard her pull up. She opened the car door and struggled to her feet. Her large belly felt tremendously better once she didn’t have it squished behind the wheel. God, she had to pee.

Her back screamed in protest when she straightened and stretched. You’d figure it would be happy she wasn’t hunched over any more, but no. Being eight months pregnant did that to a woman. Her breasts were swollen and tender, and her back ached continuously. She was constantly miserable.

And horny. Her hormones raged out of control and no rational guy wanted to get involved with a soon to be single mom. Life sucked.

It would only get worse after her son was born. She might as well kiss any meaningful relationship with a man goodbye. At least until he was old enough to go to school.

She made her way up the steps and knocked on the door, rehearsing in her mind what she was going to say. When he didn’t answer, she knocked again. Maybe he was down by the lake. If he wasn’t, she was going to have to sit down soon. And she really didn’t want to have to pee in the woods.

The porch led around the side of the house to a massive deck along the lake. The wide expanse of wood held a grill large enough to feed a football team and a sunken hot tub. Craig was lying back in the tub, asleep, facing away from her.

That explained why he hadn’t heard her pull up. She waddled out to his side so she wasn’t sneaking up behind him. “Craig?”

He startled and whipped his head around to stare at her. “Jane! You scared the crap out of me!” His eyes darted down to her swollen belly. “How are you feeling?”

“Like a beached whale. I’m sorry to drop in on you like this, but can we talk?”

“Sure.” He grabbed a towel, stood up, and wrapped it around his waist. He wasn’t quite fast enough to hide the fact that he was naked.

Jane smiled at the glimpse of the ass she’d enjoyed watching as a teen and quietly admired his well-toned physique as he stepped out of the steaming water. Craig didn’t have an ounce of fat on him and he obviously worked out. She felt her pussy clench at the sight of him and start throbbing.

Perfect. She was swollen and tired from the trip, and now all hot and bothered. That really ought to make the rest of the conversation easier. Not.

He tied off his towel and dried himself with another one. “We can go inside or sit out here. Would you like a drink?”

“I’ve got plenty of water in my ankles. I don’t care, as long as I can sit down and put my feet up. They are killing me. And I need to pee.”

“Sure. Let’s get you inside where it is a little cooler and get your feet propped up. I bet some iced tea will help.”