Culver:A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel(6)

By: Meg Jackson

“Do you know where to get some marijuana?” she said, pronouncing the last word in a stage whisper that could probably heard all the way on the street.

“Well, now, maybe I do. But I thought we were starting with a drink? It’ll be a Seven and Seven for me, miss,” Boon said. I nodded eagerly. I had no idea what a Seven and Seven was. It sounded cool. I hopped out of the chair and walked to the bar, feeling my stomach full of butterflies. I’d been right; this really was going to change everything. Finally, I was feeling what other girls felt when they met a handsome guy!

I looked back as I waited at the bar. Boon had taken my seat and looked to be having an animated conversation with Alicia and Becky. I felt a slight tremor of fear in my heart as I worried about leaving Alicia alone with Boon; she always had this way of hooking guys she wanted, where I had about as much guy-hooking experience as I did tightrope-walking experience. Which is none, by the way.

The bartender came and took my order; I left a generous tip, hoping he would remember me in the future, and made my way back to the table.

“You stole my seat!” I said playfully as a way of getting back into the conversation.

“Oh my GOD, Samantha, do you know where Stunner is from? Do you know?” Alicia said, leaning forward across the table and nearly grabbing the drink from my hand.

“Uh-uh, Leesh, you have 45 more minutes of water drinking. And I think it’s Boon, isn’t it?” I said, handing the drink to Boon. His fingers just grazed mine as he took it from me and I felt a flush through my body. I grabbed my own straw in the fishbowl and drank greedily, suddenly wanting to get very, very drunk, if only because my nervousness was starting to get the better of me.

I never get nervous around guys, I thought to myself with some surprise. The alcohol flowed straight to my stomach and I felt something like an explosion of warmth as it began to spread through my veins.

“Okay, whatever, but he’s from L.A.! Los Angeles! The city of lights! Way bigger than Moooo-sola,” Alicia said, slurring her words. I shook my head, didn’t bother trying to explain to her that L.A. was not, generally, known as the City of Lights. Instead, I turned to Boon.

“So, is that true? You’re here from Cali?” I’d literally never used the word “Cali” before in my entire life. I just wanted to sound cool. I could feel Becky’s eyes on me without having to look, and I knew she was giving me an amused, I Know What You’re Doing look. It was all I could do not to kick her under the table so she would knock it off. I love my friends, but right now I just wanted to get to know Boon, without Alicia’s inspired slurring or Becky’s good-judgment radar.

“Just south of L.A., actually. Out in the desert. Where I’m from is actually probably smaller than Missoula. I mean, I know it is. I’ve been to Missoula. It’s a nice little city,” Boon said, pinning me in place with his gorgeous eyes and sipping his drink slowly. I took another gulp of the blue drink, but Becky pulled it away.

“I’m not taking care of both of you,” Becky said, then laughed and took a huge swallow of her own. “What were you doing in Missoula? Business? School?”

“Business,” Boon said, suddenly seeming a bit more uptight. The feeling around the table definitely shifted, but the mood passed just as quickly as it had come, and Boon leaned in as though to tell us a secret. “You know, I really do know where to get some pot.”

“Oh my GOD, I want THAT, LET’S GO,” Alicia nearly screamed. She grabbed Boon’s hand and pretended to drag him off, but he remained still in his seat, chuckling.

“Maybe in a little while. What’s the rush? The night is young,” he said. Alicia rolled her eyes but bounced back onto her seat and busied herself with more French fries.