Culver:A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel(4)

By: Meg Jackson

I’d always thought of myself as kind of the middle ground between Becky and Alicia. I was literally in the middle if we lined up in height order, with Becky towering over both of us and Alicia only coming up to my shoulders. Becky is thin as a rail, Alicia is voluptuous, and I’m somewhere in between, with a healthy jiggle in my hips and belly and nice, round breasts that are just enough to cup.

So, at any rate, you can imagine the reaction we usually got when we went out together: something for everyone! Of course, Alicia usually ended up with most of the attention, because she was flirty and sharp-witted and was actually eager to talk to different guys, whereas Becky always had a boyfriend and I never really cared.

~ 4 ~

I was holding the blue fishbowl in one hand, trying to corral Alicia with the other. Like always, Alicia was way ahead of Becky and I in terms of drinking: she was almost totally wasted, but thankfully she was a pretty harmless drunk. Kind of loud, and definitely prone to running away, but overall very easy to manage and cute enough to get away with plenty of shenanigans.

I’d just bought one of the hotel bar’s signature fishbowl drinks, a mysterious-smelling drink of many flavors, tinted a brilliant, nearly glorious, blue. There were two crazy, colorful, swirly straws (one for me, one for Becky: Alicia was demoted to water for the next hour).

“Oh my God, Samantha, just like, let me dance!” Alicia said, way too loudly, right in my ear.

“Not until you get some food in you,” I said, trying to direct her to the table where Becky was waiting with a plate of French fries.

As I tried to pull Alicia next to me, she veered towards the crowded dancefloor, and the heavy drink wobbled in my hand. It was like everything suddenly moved in slow motion: I could feel Alicia’s weight pulling me one way, the gravitational force of the drink pulling me the other way, my grip on both loosening, and then finally a last-ditch effort to keep hold of both of them that ended in me losing control of both.

I decided the drink was a lost cause, and turned towards Alicia, grabbing her by the elbow as she stumbled away from me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the telltale crash of the fishbowl against the floor, preparing myself for embarrassment.

When I never heard the crashing, I looked back to where the drink should have fallen. Alicia bumped back into me, causing me to stumble over slightly. To be honest, though, it wasn’t just Alicia’s drunken antics that caused me to stumble: it was the sudden vision I had of a Norse god holding my bright blue fishbowl drink, a devilish smile in his eyes.

“Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you with this one,” said the tall, blonde, blue-eyed, Thor-like man as he held my drink out to me. “I hope that second straw isn’t for your friend here?”

“Oh, no, she’s on a water diet for the next hour,” I said, blushing bright red. Jesus Christ, this guy’s handsome, I thought to myself as I grabbed the fishbowl. “The second straw is for my other friend.”

“Oh, okay,” said the stranger. He eyed me up and down, taking in my blue party dress and done-up hair, before giving me another smirk and turning.

“Wait,” I said, trying to get his attention before he disappeared into the crowd. For the first time in my life, I’d stumbled upon a man who actually stopped me in my tracks with his good looks, and I wasn’t about to let this opportunity get away. After all, my objective during the trip was to kiss a random stranger, and I thought I’d found the random stranger for me. “Can you help me with her? She’s a handful and…and I’m worried what’ll happen if you’re not around to catch my drink next time.”