Culver:A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel(117)

By: Meg Jackson

“C’mon, slut,” I heard Drill say in a very un-friendly voice.

“Drill!” Cash’s voice came from the side of the bar.

“What, man? Everyone else got…” Drill started to say.

“Be respectful,” Cash said seriously. Afraid of the conflict, I moved back to Nasty, focusing my attentions on worshipping his cock. I licked it from base to head, then again, then took his head in my mouth again, sucking it deep, before bobbing my head down further. Nasty groaned, inspiring me.

I began sucking his cock in earnest, still jacking Drill off with my other hand. I fit his entire cock in my mouth and licked it all the way; he pressed his hips against my mouth, and when I came up for air I felt his hand on the back of my head, pulling me back down. I could see his hips thrusting ever so slightly into my mouth; I sucked his cock all the way into my throat.

“Oh, fuck, this is so fucking good,” Nasty said between breaths, still holding my head against his cock, forcefully, fucking my mouth. I was jerking Drill furiously now, and could feel his cock throbbing in my hand, pulsing faster with each stroke. Nasty groaned and clutched my head to his crotch hard, unleashing his load into my throat. I gulped it down, then slowly slid my mouth up his cock, applying pressure along the way, until I was at the head, where I sucked down the last of his cum.

I released his cock and turned to Drill, who was thrusting against my hand at this point. I could tell he was close, and, looking up at him, I opened my mouth wide, positioning it just under the head of his cock. I flicked my tongue up and down against the head and Drill groaned before releasing spurt after spurt of hot cum onto my waiting tongue. I waited until his pulsing cock had begun to wilt before closing my mouth and swallowing his still-warm cum. Drill took a step back and wavered slightly.

“I’m sorry, teacup, I didn’t mean to be mean,” he said dazedly.

“It’s okay, Drill,” I said, settling down so that I was sitting on my calves. I looked around the bar. The men were all looking at me admiringly and I couldn’t help but smile. I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye; I turned to see Cash approaching me, that devilish half-grin lighting up his face. I rushed to my feet and into his arms.

“You did it, beautiful. I’m so happy, teacup,” he whispered into my ear. I pulled back and beamed at him. I was proud, too, and satisfied. And he had been right; I felt closer to everyone now, and would never dream of giving up their secrets. He leaned in a little closer. “Feel like a fuck?” he whispered. I had to laugh.

“Cash, just give me until morning, huh?” I said, giggling. He patted my ass and pulled me even closer.

“I’ll wait for you forever, teacup,” he said as I melted into his arms.