Club Desire

By: Amy Brent


I had heard of this mysterious place called Club Votre Désire —Club Desire— for years; a magical place where mega-rich men wined and dined and had their way with women so incredibly beautiful they once existed only in their dreams… But did Club Desire really exist? And if so, could someone like me actually go there to meet the man of my dreams...

You think it’s easy being me? A young, good looking billionaire that women throw themselves at 24/7? Sure, it’s great having money and my pick of the ladies, but just once I’d like to meet a girl who wants me for me, not because of my huge bank account or the other huge asset that I carry around in my jeans.

If I can’t meet a nice girl the old fashioned way, screw it, I’ll just have to get creative to get my rocks off. I’ll start a private club just for guys like me, rich dudes with more money than they could ever spend and desires that never get fully met by their wives and mistresses and girlfriends at home.

I’ll fill the place with the most gorgeous women on earth who will do anything if the price is right. And I’ll personally audition every girl…

Who knows, maybe I’ll bet lucky.

Maybe one of these girls will be the one.

Prologue: Isaac Hanson

I woke up alone, or as alone as I could be with a nine-inch hard-on big enough to choke a horse. Well, a Shetland Pony, maybe. Sometimes, the damn thing was like having an alien attached to my crotch. It pulsated and throbbed with every beat of my heart when it first awoke from its nightly slumbers.

It was hungry.

It wanted to be fed.

I imagined it growling in a phlegmy alien voice.

“Pussy… Ice… feed me pussy… now…”

I yawned as I pushed up onto my elbows and forced my eyes to open. I felt the bed beside me. The sheet was cold. Was last night just a dream? Was she really here with me all night long? Doing all those filthy little things we did to each other or was it all just a filthy little dream?

I grabbed the pillow next to mine and pressed it to my face and inhaled deeply. Unless dreams left the sweet scent of Chanel No. 5 on the pillow and the pungent aroma of sex on the sheet, it was no dream.

She was here.

I didn’t imagine it all.

Everything we did, the hours we spent exploring each other’s bodies, touching, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking…

It was all real.

And it was fucking magnificent.

I tossed the pillow aside and swung my legs over the side of the bed. I gave my cock a few strokes to pacify it and sat looking around the room. Her clothes were on the floor where I’d stripped them from her perfect body the night before. My clothes were in a pile next to hers. I could see my boots and her high heels littered in the hallway outside the bedroom door.

The early morning sun was filtering through the smoked glass in the French doors that led out to the second-floor balcony, bathing the room in a warm wash of light that would have been romantic if I hadn’t been alone.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and groaned as I got to my feet, then paused to stretch my arms toward the ceiling. My spine popped a little as I stretched, a faint reminder of my hard playing days on the MIT rugby team.

Or was it a reminder of last night; a sexual hangover that had my entire body in need of a good steam and hot shower. Jesus, I was just forty-years-old, but I reckoned that my years as a sexual Olympian were behind me now.

Too many nights of back room quickies and drunken missionary positions and easy fucking had taken their toll. That was just one advantage of being an eligible, well-hung, good-looking billionaire. Women offered themselves to me like desserts on a tray. I didn’t have to work for pussy anymore. It was just there. Always there. Mine for the taking. I didn’t have to work for it anymore. I’ll have you and you and you and…

Easy pussy had made me soft.

After last night’s gymnastics—and the promise of many more nights to come— maybe it was time to get back in real fucking shape.

I chuckled as I yawned.

Sometimes the shit my brain came up with just cracked me up.

I cocked my ear toward the master bathroom door and listened for a moment. A smile came to my face when I heard her… humming.

Yes, she was humming.

Happy people hum.

Satisfied women hum.

My cock twitched as if saying, “Go get her, you stupid fuck!”

“Patience, ET,” I said quietly, giving my balls a nice scratch as I padded across the heated carpet to the bathroom door. I pressed my ear to the door and listened for a moment.

She was humming a song I knew but couldn’t place. It made me smile. Fuck, everything this woman did made me smile. I quietly turned the handle, found it unlocked, then pushed the door open to reveal a sight that nearly took my breath away. I’d had a lot of beautiful, naked women in this bathroom, but none like her.