Claiming Kara:Fate Harbor 3

By: Caitlyn O Leary


There are five people I would like to thank who read my first book and went out of their way to give me encouragement, support and ultimately their friendship:

Stacie T., one of the most analytical and thorough people I have ever met. I so appreciate her time, care and advice.

Jenna P., one of the most giving and caring people I have encountered in a long time. She is also a bigger romance junkie than I am, and that’s saying something!

Kristina G., a mentor to many, including yours truly. I continue to enjoy her care, support and snarky sense of humor.

Amber TM., one of the funniest women I know and whose judgment I trust. I don’t know how she accomplishes all that she does.

Marie B., who gave me a huge vote of confidence with her reviews and belief in my books! Her enthusiasm and light always lift my spirit.

Special thanks to Deb and Michelle for reading through Claiming Kara providing input, and helping to make it a better story!


Present Day – Fate Harbor, Washington

Just two more dates after tonight, and I’ll have to sleep with him. He smells nice, Kara thought as he drew her in for another kiss. His lips weren’t too dry, they weren’t too wet. They felt…nice. Another thing in his plus column was that she did not have to tip her head to be almost face-to-face when she was kissing him. If she wore heels, she wouldn’t have to tilt her head at all, she thought, and smiled. He must have felt that, because he redoubled his efforts, which was a little unfortunate. She really wasn’t ready for that much tongue. She slipped her hands between them and pressed lightly against his chest.

“Kara?” he asked in a questioning tone.

“We’re just going a little fast, Jim,” she said, looking truthfully into his blue eyes.

“Yeah, especially for being out here on your front porch. Why don’t you invite me in?” he asked hopefully.

“I told you that wasn’t going to happen tonight,” she said, extricating herself from his arms with a winning smile. “It’s important that we get to know one another.” Kara considered pouting to get him to agree, but she just didn’t have the energy for the performance. Let’s face it, he was already on the hook. She didn’t have to work that hard.

“You’re right. I really do want to get to know you, in all ways. I’m sorry if I’m pushing you too fast.” Jim backpedaled.

“Sex is something that’s important to me. Relationships are important and I don’t want to rush into anything. I explained that on our first date,” Kara said in a firm tone.

“You did,” Jim agreed. He gave her arm a squeeze. “I got carried away, Kara. I know how lucky I am to be dating a woman like you, and I’ll go along with any schedule that you’re comfortable with, because you’re worth the wait.” And there you have it, she thought. This was the reason she was going to sleep with him in two more dates. He really was a good guy. Better yet, he was a solid man who was here, who wanted to be with her, and thought he was lucky to be dating her. So, yeah, she was going to sleep with him.

Kara leaned in and kissed him. “I appreciate your patience, Jim. It means the world to me. There simply aren’t enough stand-up men like you in this world.”

“So, I’m still escorting you to your exhibit in Seattle next Saturday night?” he confirmed as he smiled into her eyes.

“I’m counting on it,” she said, her twinkling blue eyes matching his. “Are you sure you don’t mind being here so early?”

“Not at all, I like being able to help you.” Kara could hear the sincerity in his voice, and it warmed her heart.

“Thanks, Jim. Good night.” Kara unlocked the door to her house and waved as he got into his Mercedes coupe. She immediately kicked off her shoes and pulled the pins out of her hair so that her white-blonde locks could be let loose. Then she bent over at the waist and quickly stood up again, whipping her hair back over her head to lightly lash her ass. She loved doing that. It pulled at her scalp and had such a decadent feel. She turned her neck each way, trying to loosen the kinks in her neck. She headed into her kitchen and pulled the bottle of tequila out of her freezer. She poured an icy shot and drank it down.