Claimed by Her Mates

By: Grace Goodwin

Chapter One


I tried to fight the feelings. I truly did, but the cock filling me up just felt too good. I even tried to fight him, but all it got me was a set of leather cuffs around my wrists. I was on my hands and knees, my body pressed against a strange, padded table. My cuffs were linked to the rings set low so I could not move. I tugged once, twice, but there was no give. My ass tilted high in the air, my mate’s cock deep inside me. It was like I was tied over an odd wooden horse while someone rode me. I was completely at his mercy and could do nothing but succumb to the power of his body as he took mine.

His cock might have been a part of him, flesh and blood—albeit very hard and very large—but he wielded it like a weapon designed to make me submit. Once he filled me with his seed, once his essence coated my inner walls, filled my womb, there would be no turning back. I would crave his touch and his taste. I would need him to fill me, to take me, to forever claim my body. Now, with him expertly stretching me wide, with my bare bottom burning from the sting of his hand and my pussy on fire from the touch of his expert tongue, I didn’t want to resist him any longer.

I used to be afraid. Now, I simply hungered. Ached.

He wasn’t cruel; the opposite in fact. As my mate’s cock moved inside me, filling me completely from behind before retreating, again and again, my fear left me. I was his now. He would own me, body and soul, but he was strong, a warrior. He would protect me. And fuck me. He would keep me in line with his firm hand, but also bring me pleasure, and safety, and a home. All these thoughts flooded my mind as this powerful male made me his forever, his cock invading my body over and over as I opened for him.

His large hands skimmed my back before he bent over, covering me with the heat of a warrior’s strength, resting his fingers beside mine where I was cuffed to the table. The longer he took me, the tighter his grip became on the handles, the whiter the knuckles.

His slick chest lay over my back, pinning me against the bench, adding to the sensation of being trapped. I couldn’t even avoid his harsh breathing, the sounds of pleasure that escaped his lips, for they were right by my ear.

“Feel that?” he growled, shifting his hips and hitting my womb with the hard tip of his cock. He was adept at stroking over secret, sensitive places deep inside that made my body quake, my mind blank, my submission complete. There was no one else who could make me feel this way. No one else had ever pushed my body to the brink of the most delicious pleasure.

As I was positioned over the bench, my breasts hung down and ached to be touched. My clit was swollen and if he even brushed over it with just the tip of his finger, I would come. But he would deny me for now. He would deny me until I broke, until I begged.

I couldn’t help the breathy “Yes” that escaped my lips. I could hear the wet sounds of fucking—the clearest sign of my arousal—fill the room.

“You feared my cock, but it only brings pleasure. I told you I’d fit, that we’d be perfect.” He spoke as he fucked me. How did he know my body so well when this was our first time? I’d never come from a cock before, only rubbing my clit in bed, alone. But now that personal task would be denied me. My mate insisted that I never come without permission again. If I broke this rule, I would be spanked long and hard. Now that I belonged to him, I would come by his will, by his tongue, his hand, his huge cock… or not at all.

“Your pleasure is mine.”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I feel you squeezing me.”

“Yes,” I cried, clenching down on him once again. It was all I could say for I had no control anymore. I was completely at his mercy and all I wanted to do was exactly what he demanded.