Christmas From Hell(9)

By: R.L. Mathewson

“Ouch,” she whispered weakly as she managed to roll over away from the back tire of what appeared to be a really large pickup truck.

When the snow chains stopped her escape attempt, she closed her eyes, winced, whimpered and gasped in pain even as she had to admit that it would probably be a good idea to get snow chains put on the delivery van, especially with all this snow that they’d been getting.

It would certainly make it easier to take delivery orders when the weather turned sour, she absently agreed as she tried to roll away from the back of the truck, realized that her sweatshirt, part of her bra and possibly some of her boob was being pinched and held hostage by the snow chains. She tried to move away from the wheel again, this time more slowly and, yup, the chain definitely had some of her boob pinched beneath it, making it impossible to go anywhere.

Slowly exhaling, mostly because she was trying not to move and find out just how much it hurt to have part of her boob ripped off, she laid there, shivering as she contemplated her options. Reach into her back pocket and grab her phone and call for help? A slight wiggle of her ass let her know that probably wasn’t going to happen since she couldn’t feel the comforting weight of her cellphone in her pocket.

So, calling for help was definitely out.

She could yell for help from her grandfather, but that would result in him laughing his ass off at her as he took pictures of her on his phone since she’d foolishly taught him how to do that last month, or worse, he’d go break out the old camcorder and make a video to upload to Youtube, again, something else that she’d regretted showing him. There was also the possibility that he would fall and hurt himself, but she immediately dismissed that idea since it didn’t seem as though she’d inherited her klutz gene from him.


She really rather not make another appearance on YouTube, so that left her with little choice but to lie there and freeze to death. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but really? What choice did she have?

The long, heavy, seriously annoyed sigh that she was unfortunately all too familiar with, let her know that she not only didn’t have a choice in the matter, but she’d just given the man that she was in love with another reason to hate her.

Chapter 3

Happy fucking Thanksgiving to him, he thought as he tilted his head back and stared up at the cloudy black sky, wondering what the fuck he did to deserve this.

Seriously, he couldn’t figure it out. He wasn’t a bad person, he paid his taxes on time, voted, was always willing to help out someone who needed his help and so far, he was the only Bradford in the history of their family not to get personally banned from a restaurant. He didn’t count Lucifer’s restaurant, Fire & Brimstone simply because his brother was an asshole, but still…

What had he done to deserve having this annoying pain in the ass in his life?

Don’t get him wrong. He wasn’t perfect. He’d fucked up in his life, broken a few hearts, had a few selfish moments in his life, but he could honestly say that he’d never done anything to deserve having this nightmare of a woman living next-door to him.

The sad thing about it was that she wasn’t even making his life a living hell on purpose. Not once in the last year, and God, had he really survived a year living next to the little disaster? had he ever felt that any of the really fucked up things that happened to him because of her had been done on purpose. It would probably make his life so much easier if she was fucking him over because she was a bitch, but sadly she was just pathetic.

There were a few times that he’d seriously considered screaming at her as he throttled her neck for whatever bullshit she’d inflicted upon him, but one look at her mortified expression was usually enough to help him keep his mouth shut, turn around and walk away before he did something that would land his ass in the slammer. Not that he would regret it, because heaven fucking knew that he wouldn’t, not after the bullshit that she’d put him through over the last twelve months, but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he told her what he really thought of her.

She was a royal pain in the ass and he couldn’t fucking stand her.