Cheerleading Can Be Murder (Horror High #1)(45)

By: Carissa Ann Lynch

I am pretty lucky myself, I realized, looking up in the stands at my mom, dad, and little brother. My dad had somehow managed to get the night off, and I was thrilled to have him there. It was moments like this when I realized what was really important in life. My family and friends were everything to me, and I never wanted to lose them.

So far, my freshman year of high school had been eventful, to say the least. Looking around the gym at some of my classmates, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next in my lovely town of Harrow Hill…I’d heard a rumor around town that people had nicknamed my school “Horror High” after the incident with Ashleigh. I sincerely hoped that wasn’t true.

The game was getting ready to begin. As I was reaching for my pompoms, I noticed my iPhone flashing. I glanced at it quickly, seeing a missed call from an unknown number. I was suddenly reminded of Ashleigh’s creepy phone call that night weeks ago, when she threatened that I would die if I went to a game.

Suddenly, my phone chimed again, alerting me that I had a voicemail. With only a minute to go before the game started, I lifted the phone up to my ear to listen. Horrifyingly, I recognized the creepy, robotic voice instantly. But it can’t be Ashleigh, because she’s locked away in jail awaiting trial! I thought frantically.

The voice said: “I warned you not to go to the games, Dakota. You should have listened. Now you’re going to die…”


The Sociopath

Today is the day…for celebrating, that is…

I can’t believe that idiot Ashleigh actually followed through with my orders. I might be even smarter than I initially thought. Now that she’s locked away, I’m going to lay low…biding my time, toying with my prey. This is more fun than just blowing them away with my gun.

When the time is right, I’ll kill them all. One student at a time.

The cheerleaders are first on my list.



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