Cement Heart(4)

By: Beth Ehemann

Cute, but no thanks.

I opened a drawer and tossed the piece of paper inside with all the others. Some men had notches in their headboards. I had a drawer full of numbers that I’d never call.

A LITTLE BIT later, I’d just finished getting ready when my phone buzzed. It was Big Mike telling me they were outside.

“That was fast,” I said, climbing into the backseat of his Tahoe. “Hi, Michelle.”

“Hey, Viper.” She looked back and smiled at me.

“I know. We’re never lucky enough to find a sitter on such short notice, but my sister’s in town and staying with us, so she said to go,” Mike answered as he pulled out into traffic.


“Yes, Taylor.”

Big Mike had one younger sister and she had been the reason for me making a deposit at the spank bank more than once. She had long blond hair and even longer legs that I dreamed about having wrapped around my waist while I fucked her against a wall.

“Stop it,” Mike snapped playfully.

“Stop what?” I shot back.

“Thinking about her. I can feel it.” He glared at me in the rearview mirror. “She’s my sister, which makes her absolutely, one-hundred and fifty percent off-limits.”

Michelle smiled and shook her head as I let out a guilty laugh. “Ah, Mikey, my boy, you know me so well.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He rolled his eyes.

We drove for a little bit before pulling off the highway into the parking lot of the run-down, hole-in-the-wall bar that had quickly become our new favorite place. Brody had found Stumpy’s on accident after taking a wrong turn one night.

Go figure.

Way back when he and Kacie were still dating and he’d been driving there to see her all the time, he’d been on his way home and had to piss. The first parking lot he’d found was Stumpy’s. It just so happened to be almost exactly halfway between the city and Brody’s new house, so it was the perfect meeting spot for all of us.

We walked into the dark, quiet bar and found Brody, Kacie, and Darla already there, seated at our usual table in the back corner. Kacie waved us over as Darla stood and skipped over to me, pulling me in for a hug.

“Hey there, stud.”

“Hey.” I squeezed her back, hard.

Being with Darla was easy. She used me just like I used her, and there were no expectations when we said good-bye. Not only was she one of the women who I’d break rules number two and three for, but I didn’t cringe when I rolled over in the morning and she was still there. The fact that she loved sports just as much as I did was a huge bonus. Being with her was like having a best friend I could fuck anytime I wanted. I knew she saw other men, and she knew I saw other women, but that didn’t matter. We were what we were with no promises.

We all sat down at the table as the waitress walked up and passed out menus that we probably wouldn’t even need.

“Portland!” I jumped up when I realized just who our waitress was and pulled her into a bear hug.

The force of my hug made her drop her pen and paper as I lifted her off of the ground.

“Hi, Viper. Put me down.” She giggled, squirming out of my arms. She bent down and picked her stuff up. “What can I start you guys off with? A pitcher?”

“Make it two,” Brody answered.

“Got it.” She punched my arm and winked at me as she walked away.

“Your tongue is hanging out of your mouth,” Darla teased, nudging me back to reality. I hadn’t even realized I was staring at Portland as she walked away.

“Seriously, dude. Control yourself,” Mike teased.

“I can’t help it.” I finally turned back to the table. “She has an ass that keeps me up at night. Shit, that ass gets me up whenever I think about it too long.”

Kacie and Michelle groaned and rolled their eyes.

“I’m gonna get her. Mark my words, I’m gonna get her,” I said confidently.

To everyone else, she was Anna, but to me, she’d always be Portland. She’d moved here a couple of months ago from Portland, against her parents’ wishes, to live with her boyfriend. Before she’d even finished unpacking, she found out he was cheating on her and he moved out. Trying to save face with her parents, she’d decided to stick it out and keep the lease for a year. I met her shortly thereafter and was attracted instantly. Her long jet-black hair and tattooed arms were my ultimate weakness, and I’d vowed to spend that same year trying to get her into bed, but she resisted every advance I’d made. Little did she know I hadn’t brought out the big guns yet.