Cement Heart

By: Beth Ehemann

This book is dedicated to Michelle Finkle, who not only gave me the idea for it when it came to her in a dream over a year ago, but has helped me raise this baby as if it were her own. I love you to pieces, Michelle. Thank you for being the most amazing friend.

I FELT THEIR eyes on me as I stared at the ground, taking my time. Some of them knew me, some of them didn’t, but they were all focused on me, wondering what I was about to say. It was a lot of pressure to have a couple hundred people hanging on my every word, praying that I’d be the one to come up with the magical phrase, some fucking generic sentence that would make them feel better. Take away their pain. How could I take away theirs when mine was so real, so raw?

I deserved this pain, every second of it.

It was my fault we were there.

I’d caused this.

I’d killed him.

MY COCK JERKED in anticipation as she slowly sank to her knees, eyeing me like a lioness about to devour her prey. She licked her dark red lips and roughly pushed me back onto my bed seconds before her tongue gently flicked the head of my dick. I fought the urge to shove my hands into her blond hair and start thrusting like some teenage punk getting sucked off for the first time behind a middle school.

Patience, Viper.

I knew the reward that was coming and it would definitely be worth it, so long as I could keep from coating her throat too early. She wasted no time, moaning as she moved her warm mouth up and down my shaft. Her hand slid in between my legs, pushing them apart so she could cup my balls.

Seriously? The balls? Already? Amateur.

“You started without me?” Her brunette friend appeared in my bedroom doorway, pouting as she crossed her arms over her huge tits.

“Come on in.” I linked my fingers and tucked my hands behind my head. “There’s plenty to go around.”

She ran her tongue between her teeth and top lip as her eyes trailed slowly from mine, down the length of my body, and back up again, settling on my dick. “I can see that.” Her top lip curled at the corner as she stared.

The blonde, Claire—Corrine—Chloe, whatever her name was, sat up but continued stroking me with her hand. “Come join me, Heather,” she suggested seductively to her friend, tilting her head to the side as she batted her eyelashes.

Heather strolled leisurely across my guest room, her curves emphasizing all the best parts of her body. Just the way she walked—her tits bouncing with each step, the light shining through the window and glistening off her skin—was hot.

I’m not saying I wasn’t looking forward to being sandwiched in between the two of them, but let’s just say if her little blond friend had decided it was a good time to go for a walk, I wouldn’t have stopped her.

Heather lifted her knee onto the corner of my bed and crawled like a sexy, needy little cat over to what’s-her-name. They raised up onto their knees and started kissing right over me. Eyes closed, tongues dueling… they devoured each other. Heather grabbed the back of her friend’s head and pulled on her hair, exposing her neck. She slowly kissed her way down to blond girl’s tits, where she eagerly pulled her nipple into her mouth, moaning as she sucked. Watching them go at it was almost as gratifying as if they were doing it to me.


“Ahem.” I cleared my throat playfully.

Heather’s lips made a slapping sound as she pulled them from her friend’s nipple. She grinned at me. “Sorry. Guess we got a little carried away.”

“No, no… I’m good with carried away,” I responded. “Just carry me with you.”

She looked up at her partner. “I think he wants some too, Crystal. What do you think?”

Crystal! That’s her name!

“I think that can be arranged,” Crystal cooed as she sat back down next to me.

“What should we do first?” Heather asked, licking her lips as she stared right into my eyes.

Crystal slowly ran her finger up my leg and swirled it around on my stomach. “Hmmm, what do you wanna do?” She was looking straight at Heather.

“Well, let’s not let this thing go to waste, huh?” Heather’s gaze moved from Crystal’s to mine as she bent down and wrapped her mouth around my cock.