Cabin Bear Heat Box Set(5)

By: Bella Love-Wins

“You worry too much,” Barb answered from behind, without looking at him. Rob seemed slightly bruised from her comment, and turned back to face forward.

“Okay, guys,” Abby said to get everyone’s attention. “We’ll stay at Ruth’s cottage for the night. Ruth, help me navigate. Rob, get the radio on to a weather station, will you?”

Chapter Two

ANDREW Carrington had not planned to leave the cabin for the next few weeks, so hearing the weather report earlier didn’t worry him at all. Not until he got the phone call from his mechanic in town. The shop phoned to let him know his Jeep was ready.

“Bob, can’t you have one of your staff drive it up here in a couple of days?” he asked.

“No sir, Mr. Carrington,” the mechanic answered in his Western twang. “You mentioned you need the car by next Monday, right?”

“I have other cars here, but yes, the Jeep is the easiest to get around in.”

“Well, the storm’s gonna keep the guys here busy for at least a week,” Bob explained. The longer he spoke, the more his accent reverted back to its western drawl. “It’s bound to fill up the lot. Is it a ride into town that you need? Because two of my guys are not far from your place with the tow truck. They can pick you up and bring you here for it.”

Andrew thought he could use some extra supplies, especially if the storm was going to be as bad as the weather station was making it out to be. His father would probably come by after the weather settled down. Andrew could never predict how many partners, VPs, lawyers, accountants, or assistants his father would have with him at any given time, so he decided he should probably stock up.

“All right.” He did his best to be patient, holding in his mild frustration with the slightest rumble of a growl in his throat. “Have them pick me up. I’ll come into town with them.”

“Much obliged, Mr. Carrington,” Bob answered. “They’ll be at your door within half an hour.”

After he hung up, he opened the front door slightly to listen for the tow truck before going to his room to get dressed. The weather was still mild, and the snowfall wasn’t expected until the next day. To Andrew, who had spent the last two winters at the cabin, it meant nothing. Down on Lake Tahoe, the lake-effects snow could turn the area from pleasant to a treacherous winter wonderland within minutes.

Twenty minutes later, he heard the loud engine of the tow truck as it turned onto his long side road and drove up his driveway.

“How’s it going, fellas?” he asked, walking over to their vehicle.

The mechanic in the passenger seat opened the door for him to sit up front with them.

“Good morning, Mr. Carrington, sir,” the driver greeted him. “Well, it’s going.”

“I don’t envy what you men will be up to for the next few days.” He made idle conversation as they drove into town. “You may be working twenty-four-seven with the people driving through in sedans and minivans. They’re the ones who usually get stuck, aren’t they?”

The driver nodded. “We’ve got a ton of tourists visiting this year, and many more poor, unsuspecting motorists just driving through to get to Truckee or Highway eighty. What’s worse is one of our trucks is down until we can get some spare parts from the manufacturer. It’s going to be a long three or four days, with this weather coming in.”

“I feel your pain, gentlemen.”

They got into town and drove up to the auto shop soon enough. Andrew thanked them when they stopped, and tipped the men a hundred dollars each for the ride. They looked at him as though he was their favorite uncle from childhood, repeating their thanks and head-bobbing gracious nods until he walked into the small customer area of the auto shop.

“We’re all ready for you, Mr. Carrington,” Bob greeted him.

Bob walked toward the wall of car keys, and pulled off a set with a large keychain with the Jeep logo.

“Here you go, sir. It’s parked on the side.”

“Thanks for the call, Bob,” he answered. “You were probably right to force me down here. It’s going to be a doozy of a storm coming through.”

Since the accident, Andrew could feel the weather changes in his left forearm and knee. Although fully healed, the bones and joints would pulse and vibrate whenever rain or snow was about to fall. There was no pain, but it was another uncanny reminder about that night.

“Well, I’d better get moving.” He turned to leave. “Take it easy out there, Bob. See you soon.”

Andrew left the car parked where it was. The only grocery in town was on the other side of the road. It was surprisingly busy when he stepped inside. He did his best to get what he needed as quickly as possible. As he left the store, the vibration in his old knee injury amped up. That could only mean one thing.

Shit. The storm is coming in less than an hour.

After he loaded the bags in the back seat of his Jeep, he made his way to the local gas station. As he got out to fill up the tank, snow began to fall. It was that light, large-flaked, pretty, puffy snow that could be a bitch when the wind started. They took ages to eventually hit the ground. That’s what made them so dangerous.

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