Cabin Bear Heat Box Set(136)

By: Bella Love-Wins

“Did my dad tell you?”

“Did he tell me what?”

“He’s hosting the all-shifter gathering at the farm next month.”


“He’s expecting over one hundred to come. They plan to discuss Theriona and take a vote on whether to start looking for her.”

“Interesting. Well, you know where I stand on it.”

“Yes. Dad agrees too. It’s only worth a discussion if everyone agrees not to harm her.”

“Good, because if she had the power to cause our shift, we should be cautious. I mean, there’s no information on what else she’s capable of.”

“True. Enough of that, in any case.”

“Agreed. Do you know what I’m looking forward to?” he asked her softly in her ear.

“When I see the surprise?” Abby asked, looking over at him.

“No. Getting back home and curling up in bed with you.”

“Me too, Drew-bear.” She nuzzled into his chin.

The limo came to a stop at their destination. “We’re here.”

Andrew put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close before the limo driver opened their door closest to the sidewalk. He climbed out first, and helped her step out. Abby looked up at the sign at the top of the ornate building.

“What’s El Capitan?” she asked.

“A theater.”

“So we’re going to a musical? Or is it the opera?”

“Not quite. It’s one of the most memorable ways to see the movies.”

“Nice. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the movies.”

“Then you’ll love it,” he told her, leading her inside. “This is one of Hollywood’s legends. It’s like stepping into the past. This theater put on its first showing in the roaring twenties—my guess is it was a silent film. They’ve tried to preserve the best of the old Spanish colonial exterior, and the indoor playhouse stages, and have also fused it with new technology. The place has Disney screens, surround sound and digital projection.”

“It’s gorgeous,” she said, looking around. “I’m glad we dressed up.”

“Me too.”

She rested a hand on his tucks jacket. “So what are we seeing?”

“Whatever you want to.”

“Really? Won’t that upset the other ticketholders?”

“It’s just you and me,” he answered.

He showed her the empty halls as they walked through the second set of entry doors into the elegant lobby.

“You booked this whole place…for us?”

“Of course. I want tonight to be memorable.”

“Awww. That’s so sweet. Thank you, Andrew.”

An usher greeted them, and led them through the hallways. Just as he said, the sprawling place was completely empty. Abby’s eyes widened when they walked past a stylishly lit fountain, surrounded by cupid statues.

They entered theatre one.

“Where are we sitting?” she asked.

“Anywhere you’d like,” the usher answered. “Might I recommend the VIP orchestra center seating, sir and madam? It’s the perfect distance from the screen and sound. It will be an excellent movie experience.”

Andrew looked over at Abby, who seemed keen to try the recommended seating. When they took their seats, the usher passed a thick program guide to each of them.

“Feel free to choose any movie you see in the listings,” he said. “Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be right over there.”

“Thank you,” Andrew replied.

Abby flipped through the guide. There were hundreds to choose from. “Anything catch your eye?” she asked Andrew.

“No, no. Tonight is for you. What are your favorite types of movies? Romance? Dramas? Comedy? Action? Choose anything at all.”

“How about one of the nature movies?”

Andrew threw his head back and laughed. “Really?”

“Yes. I think I want to know more about bears.”

He laughed and signaled to get the usher’s attention. “Sure.”

“Good. Let’s get wild,” she teased.

Andrew told the usher her selection and leaned back in his seat. The lights dimmed. He put his arms around her and smiled. Abby reached up and gently caressed his face. He took her hand and kissed her palm. Soon the curtains opened and revealed the screen. Lights from the screen danced on Abby’s awestruck face. She turned to him, stood up, and moved to sit in his lap. Andrew lifted the cup-holder for more room, slowly slid a hand up her inner thighs, and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

She moaned. “Make love to me, baby. Right here.”

The music was raised slowly, and soon Abby and Andrew were lost in the future…together.


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