By: LeAnn Asher


This is for everyone who is waiting for their own unusual, unpredictable, and crazy kind of love. May you find your own Butcher. <3

Who says love must be sane?



I’m having dinner at Blue’s Steak House in Raleigh, Texas. I moved here three years ago to open a bakery. My hometown is small, but it already had a thriving bakery, so here I am—and my establishment is getting more business every year.

My brother, Lane, is the president of the Grim Sinners. My father started the club, and it has thrived. I grew up around these gruff, protective men. They may be rough, but they have a soft spot for those they care about.

I am the princess of the club because, for some crazy, unknown reason, I am the only girl. None of the other members has a daughter, only sons. The only reason my dad allowed me to move to this town is because the Devil Souls MC is here. They are close friends with my dad’s club. Like the Grim Sinners, the Devil Souls has me under their protection.

I know something is going down with the clubs right now, and I have to be careful. I am not allowed to know the details—that is a huge part of me staying safe. The clubs are legit, so if something is going down, something bad must have happened.

Something went down a couple of months ago that rocked our family. My brother has a daughter, Tiffany. We knew nothing of this and he didn’t either. When the Devil Souls was taking down a trafficking ring, they found his daughter there. They called my brother and the rest was history. The mother was going to use her for ransom, and then she dropped off the face of the earth.

Well, almost.

Grinning to myself, I look around the room thinking back to when I last saw Tiffany’s mother. I was driving down the road, and I saw her walking along the sidewalk. What did I do? I followed her to her apartment. I watched her walk inside, and I followed her.

I burst through the door and spotted a plate sitting on a table beside the broken-down couch. I picked it up and slammed it over her head, and she slumped onto the floor, unconscious. I walked back down the stairs, got into my car, and went to work.

I am not someone who fights people, but that woman deserved it. In fact, she deserved worse. She treated my niece horribly—that little girl went through hell because of her.

The room falls silent, and I turn around to see what’s going on. The Devil Souls MC and my brother’s club, the Grim Sinners, file into the room and gather around a long table.

That’s when I see him.

He is tall, probably around six five, tattooed to the walls. His arms, neck, and back are covered in tattoos. His hair is cut short on the sides and long on the top. He has stubble all along his jaw bone. He is intimidating. I like that, and just from the side view I am attracted to him.

I don’t take my eyes off him as he walks around the table so his back is facing the wall. He scoots in and my heart starts pounding, waiting for him to look at me.

His head turns and his eyes connect with mine.

His eyes darken and his nose flares.

Oh shit.

He is handsome in a very rough and rugged way. This man is dangerous—he gives off this raw power, and his eyes are dark and seem to look into my soul.

A few minutes later, the waitress hands my menu back to me. A piece of paper is taped to the back, and a phone number is scribbled on it. I look up and see him smirking at me.

The guy growls more loudly and scoots his chair out. I know alpha males, and this man is the ultimate one.

Handing back the piece of paper with the number, I shake my head and the waitress walks away. The guy looks seriously pissed off. Winking at him, I stand up and grab my purse off the back of my chair. I smile at him and then at my brother, who is staring at both of us. I smirk at Butcher and walk out of the room. As I’m heading out the door, I hear a chair hitting the floor. Grinning, I get in my car. My phone dings and I see a text from Lane.

Lane: Behind you.

Butcher walks out the front door of the restaurant, his eyes on me. I start the car and back out, before pulling out onto the highway. I hear a motorcycle start up, and I look out my window. The guy is following close behind. Laughing, I turn on the radio and ignore him.

I probably shouldn’t ignore this man, because following someone isn’t normal, but nothing in the MC world is normal.