Burned:Headless Reapers MC

By: Sophia Hampton


Rafael Neal did a lot of dumb things when his need for reckless adventure and adrenaline rushes craved something bigger and better than the last blast, but even he couldn’t believe what he was doing. As the vice president of the Mountain Tribesmen Motorcycle Club, he knew what could happen if he was found lounging at the party of Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club, and he liked his head sitting right on top of his shoulders. However, it was the First Annual Night of Riley, and this is where he wanted to be.

The yearly party the HRMC put on for their fallen brother was something he’d never planned to attend, but since he heard it was going to get pretty crazy he’d shown up to see for himself. When his mood and need for increased adrenaline happened to fall on the day of the grand party, he knew there was only one place that would do. Live free, play hard, and enjoy life—that was his motto. He never knew when he was going to be riding on that eternal freeway, so he liked to live for today. He could feel the pump of his blood and his hyper-awareness increase the closer he got to the house.

No one paid him any mind as he entered and then circled the party. He was good at hiding in plain sight—and for that, he was glad. There was a lot of muscle in the room, and he was totally in the wrong. If someone questioned him or made him, there would definitely be trouble…and not the good kind. That evening his friends asked him to join them in a lot of different activities; but, once he got something in his mind, it was hard to shake it, and he’d had this party in his mind since he’d gotten out of bed this morning. There would be food, women, and drinks, and he could see what the Headless Reapers were up to these days.

He had just been looking to do something fun, well, something fun and a bit dangerous. Danger always made the fun just a bit sweeter, and he could not deny his craving for an adrenaline rush. As the second-in-command for the MTMC, there was a lot of work and responsibility. There were times he just wanted to kick back or raise a little hell. So what was this? A bit of both. At this event, celebrating “Mask-Face” Riley, everyone would wear masks…for a while, at least. It was the only reason he could walk into a rival club event and not leave in a body bag…or worse.

Looking at all the men in their best masks, he could tell who the people were just based on how they acted. Most had masks like Michael Myers or The Scream while Rafael had a mask that was tighter and featured a cool, white, ceramic-looking face. The club space was large, and there was plenty of seating, food, and drinks for the crowd that seemed to be growing larger before his eyes.

He noticed it was a nice set up they had—with a boxing ring in one corner, a spot for playing cards, another for playing pool, and a very large bar. This group had done very well for itself. It had nothing on his club though. Rafael’s club had all of this plus the hottest chicks. With the exclusion of the sexy, redhead who kept walking past him. His club didn’t have one of her. She was hot as fuck. He had noticed her around, and she had watched him whenever she saw him out on the street, but it wasn’t that she could have known it was him. He had a mask on like every other dude at the event.

She didn’t have on a mask, but neither did any of the club girls. Not that he’d minded looking at the women—without masks was good for him. He returned his attention to the redhead who seemed to be walking around aimlessly, and he wanted to change that. He would give her something to do…him preferably. He watched her circle the room talking to this person or that, but she kept her attention on him. He could feel her hot glances from across the room.

Rafael moved to the large silver pail to pick up a beer and then sat down on a worn leather chair to get comfortable. This was going to be a good night. He could feel it deep down. Something had been brewing with him for a good while. He’d felt like this before but nothing as strong. That had to be the reason he felt so restless and edgy. If he believed in horoscopes, he would have thought something was in retrograde. One of the club girls was always trying to tell him his horoscope or read his tarot; but, he didn’t believe in that. Luck was something that you had or you didn’t. You played your best game with the cards you were given, and you didn’t whine or cry about the outcome.

He watched the curvy redhead circle back for the fourth time. She wasn’t beautiful in the traditional way. Looking at her as she moved closer, it was her hair that stood out the most; but, she also had a pleasant smile and a way of looking like she was laid back and taking it all in at the same time.

He stood when she got near his seat and reached out to take her hand. She stopped and looked at him, but he knew she couldn’t see much of his face. He was a large bear of a man he’d been told, but he saw no fear in her eyes because of his size. Looking down at her hand in his and seeing how small and soft it was, made him think about how nice it would be when he felt her stroke his cock. Damn. His mind had his cock in her hand before she could say hello. Not that he didn’t love sex, but just her hand in his had him with a semi-stiffy.

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