Bronx's Wounded Wolf:Mystic Wolves 4

By: Elle Boon


Taya Blade closed her eyes as a wave of pain lashed at her. Goddess she wished for death to finally take her away from this place. She looked at the closed door and wondered when her captors would come back; wondered when they’d hurt her again. The small window with its filthy curtain showed another night and day had passed. Three days and three nights she’d been at the mercy of the rogue wolves who had no humanity. She wasn’t sure what they wanted from her. She had no answers. They thought Xan would follow her, give up his life for her. She would have snorted, but didn’t want to draw attention to herself. They also believed she could bring the Fey Queen to her, which really had her rolling her eyes; although doing that hurt due to the swelling that wasn’t healing as quickly as it should.

Xan was only a friend now. A man she could truly call a confidant. At one time she’d hoped they would’ve been more. Wished their wolves had called to one another, but that was foolish thinking on her part. Her wolf didn’t have a mate. She was a monster, or the product of one. No wolf would want to be with her for life.

A tear rolled down her cheek, but with her arms chained to the bed, the silver pressing into her skin, burning her, she could do nothing but lay there as it tracked down the side of her face leaving a salty trail. Oh, she knew when her captors came in they’d smell her weakness and use it against her. Goddess, she hated them. Hated her own weakness for it gave them more power, but nothing could stop another tear from escaping.

The sound of a key being inserted in the door grated, making every muscle in her body lock up. The wolf at the door would smell her panic. Her fear would feed his need for whatever was pushing him and that made her angry. Yet, she couldn’t stop herself from trying to jerk away. The chains holding her legs down rattled, making the man who entered give a sinister laugh.

“Still thinking you can get away from me?” He stepped closer to the bed, his hand ran down the center of her chest. “Taya, you have no clue the things I am capable of. I’m only keeping you safe from harming yourself.”

She almost snorted as his hand pulled the blanket away from her body, exposing what was left of her clothing. The wolves who’d taken her had brought her to a cabin in the woods, beaten her into submission and forced her to shift into her wolf, then back to human until she was too weak to do anything but lay panting; wounds bleeding everywhere without so much as offering to help her up. They’d then made her crawl into the cabin, kicking her when she couldn’t get up. Once she’d made it inside, they’d tossed her onto the bed. It was then she’d blacked out, not knowing what they’d planned. Her wolf had allowed her to escape into her mind, taking the pain and suffering for her. Only she still felt the pain when she’d surfaced. Her body ached all over, puncture wounds visible on her arm oozed from where they’d jabbed her with needles filled with fluid that still burned her insides.

“My men were a little rough on you, but that’s the way of wolves. You should know this. You allowed that wolf Xander to rut you like a whore.” His words came out a growl.

She refused to answer him. She chose who she slept with. Who, when, and how. He must’ve seen the answer in her stare as he leaned down, anger flaring out of his yellow eyes.

“You think you’re better than me. You think those Iron Wolves are better than my wolves? I should let them have a go at you instead of giving them the mandate to leave you be.” His hand fisted in her hair. “You and the rest of that ragtag bunch will die, and I’m going to laugh while you all suffer.”

A whimper fell from her bruised and dry lips. “I hope Kellen and Xan kill you slowly,” she rasped. The lack of water and her screams had made her voice hoarse.

Whatever he was going to do or say was stopped by another wolf rushing into the room, his eyes flaring at the scene of the alpha leaning over her nearly naked form, then he shook his head. Taya wished with all her might that the floor would open up and swallow her.

“They’re coming, Alpha.” The younger wolf shook in anticipation.

Her hair was released abruptly and she was sure a few hunks were torn out as well.