Bride of the Alpha(8)

By: Georgette St. Clair

Great. I most definitely should have had the charm conjure up a pair of jeans and a t shirt instead of a fancy wedding dress.

“I’d like the pastor to perform the ceremony now,” Max said.

“Now?” she echoed.

“Right now,” he said firmly. “Right here.”

She got up and left the room, clearly bewildered. “You’re going to get married barefoot and shirtless?” I asked.

“Why, you don’t think it’s a good look for me?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

I sighed. “It’s not a terrible look,” I conceded. Understatement of the century.

The pastor, an older shifter with thick silver hair parted on the side, came rushing through the door into the office a minute later, adjusting his tie. “Maxwell! You don’t want to go to the reception hall first?” he asked, confusion wrinkling his face.

“We want to get married right now, Reverand,” Maxwell said firmly.

The pastor forced a smile. “Of course. Young love. Well, let’s get you hitched, then, shall we?”

The wedding ceremony itself was pretty anti-climactic. It literally lasted about two minutes.

The pastor went through what sounded like a typical Alpha ceremony to me – I’d been to a couple of Alpha weddings at home. Respect the Alpha’s authority, love and support your mate, never publicly challenge your mate because it undermines his authority, put the pack first at all times, honor, cherish, and so on. The Alpha had to promise he would love, honor, cherish, protect, never let anyone disrespect his bride, and so on, and so forth.

I was barely listening, mechanically uttering my “I do’s” at the right moment.

I was in a daze. Nothing was going how I’d planned it today.

“I now pronounce you Alpha and Bride,” the pastor said, jerking me out of my reverie.

Maxwell reached down, swept the illusory veil off my face, placed his hand behind my head, and kissed me passionately.

At the touch of his lips on mine, I felt a bolt of desire shoot straight down my body, ending up in the cleft between my legs. My panties were instantly soaked. His lips were soft, but his grip was firm and strong. He placed one hand on my chin, cupping it, and I felt my lips part for him. His tongue probed my mouth and he tasted like maple syrup pancakes and passion. Our mouths melted together, and I stifled a low moan.

His tongue swirled around mine, deeper, leading my tongue in an intimate dance.

Then I realized we were making out in front of a pastor, and I pulled away from him in shock. As I did, my body cried out in protest. More. I wanted more.

“Um, we’re in a house of God, making out in front of a man of God. Lightning might strike us or something,” I said.

“It’s okay, honey,” he smirked. “We’re married.”

Yes, we were.

I was actually starting to panic now. How could I possibly have thought that this would be no big deal?

It’s worth it, I told myself firmly, especially after I saw what Camille had been living with over the last year .

“So, uh, we should go to the reception now?” I said weakly, feeling a little faint.

Maxwell flashed me a grin that was filled with pure mischief. “Absolutely not, darling. We’re going straight to the bridal chamber.”


Tell him! Do it now, I urged myself.

Unfortunately, I’d been struck dumb when I walked through the door of the bridal chamber and saw what was waiting for me there.

We were in a big stone lodge on a hill overlooking the vast spread of the Timber Valley property, and the bridal chamber would have been big enough to stage an orgy, with room to spare.

Apparently the kinky reputation of the Timber Valley pack was well deserved. The bed was massive, and there were leather straps attached to all four posts, with cuffs dangling from the ends. There was a table next to the bed which was literally filled with sex toys. Vibrators. Feathers. Butt plugs. Nipple clamps. Floggers. Paddles. Riding crops. Ben wa balls. Bottles of flavored lubricant. Jars of flavored body butter. Implements I didn’t recognize.

“Cat got your tongue?” Maxwell said from right behind me. He was standing too close; I felt a dangerous magnetic attraction pulling me towards him. A wave of heat rippled over my body, and my brain went fuzzy.

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