Bride of the Alpha(4)

By: Georgette St. Clair

The Timber Valley pack, like many packs, had thousands of acres of property, which let their members live in safety and privacy, away from human discovery. They had a central family compound, where important gatherings took place, and where anyone who wasn’t working would likely be found hanging out and socializing during the day. They had a farm and ranch animals, and a logging operation. I was in a building a quarter mile down the road from the compound, so I’d been told.

The building was a guest house, and I was in a living room with furniture hand-hewn from logs. I turned away from the lovely scene in front of me, and walked back to the round mirror that hung on the wall. I’d been checking my reflection every five minutes, petrified that the charm would somehow stop working.

Nope. Camille still stared back at me from the mirror. I stuck my tongue out at myself, put my thumb in my ears and wiggled my fingers.

“You are in for a big surprise, Max Battle,” I said to myself with Camille’s mouth. “And it serves you right.”

The door flew open with a bang, and I started and spun around. I expected Maxwell to come striding through, but it wasn’t him. If I had to guess, based on the descriptions I’d heard of him, I’d say it was Kray Renker.

My heart froze in my chest. Had he found out what Camille and I had done? Even worse, had he caught Camille and Frederick? God, not that, I prayed.

He slammed the door shut behind him. He was big and angry, with an air of menace rolling off of him like a cobra that could strike at any time. I suddenly felt fear curling up in my stomach.

Kray was a handsome enough man, somewhere in his forties with thick black hair and a beard and mustache shot through with some gray, but the enraged expression on his face made him very ugly to me. He had a scar slashing through one eyebrow, and another on his neck. Not surprising. Most Alphas were pretty scarred up. He looked me up and down, glowering.

“I came to make sure you didn’t try to make a run for it,” he snarled. “And what the hell are you wearing?”

“What?” I was taken aback. “It’s called a wedding dress.”

A look of shock and fury washed over his face. “What the hell did you just say to me?” he demanded.

Uh oh. Camille probably never talked back to him. She was a sweet, soft spoken girl; a bully like him would run right over her.

I glanced down at the illusion wedding dress, which would vanish once I took the charm off.

“What difference does it make what I’m wearing?” I asked.

He scowled at it, his face reddening. “It’s ugly, and I already told you what dress I wanted you to wear. What did you do with it?”

Oh, crud. Camille could have warned me about this. Then again, seriously, who the hell was he to insult Camille’s choice of dress, or tell her what to wear?

“I wanted to wear this one,” I said, struggling to sound respectful when what I really wanted to do was shift and throw down. That would, of course, get me killed, so I resisted.

“You wanted to wear it? Since when the hell does it matter what you want?” He stalked over, and I backed up, until I was up against the wall and he was towering over me, his hot breath on my face.

He grabbed the neckline of my dress in his fist. He thought he was holding on to my wedding dress, but what I was really wearing was a simple white sun dress, which was bunched between his fingers and ready to tear as he twisted his hand.

“This dress isn’t sexy.” His lips wrinkled back in a snarl. “We want you to look sexy. This alliance is important to me, and he could still change his mind. You need to be showing off your goods, and by your goods I mean your tits. Where is the other dress? You’re going to change right now.”

With him in the room? Hell with that.

I grabbed at his hand, trying to pull it off me. He clenched tighter, and the fabric started to rip. There was murder in his eyes.

“Let go of me!” I yelled, panic clutching at my throat. “I left the other dress back home. Get off me!”

I put my hands on his chest and tried to push him away. He grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm painfully.

“How dare you speak to me like this?” he roared. “You think that just because you’re joining the Timber Valley pack, you can act any way that you want? You’re in my pack and under my command until the minute you say I do.”

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