Bride of the Alpha(10)

By: Georgette St. Clair

He looked me up and down, his gaze roving slowly over my body. His eyes gleamed with appreciation, and his gaze lingered on my face, then my breasts, sweeping slowly downward…

It felt like a warm caress, and I shivered with desire under his appreciative appraisal.

“I like what I see.” His voice had gone low and rough.

“Y…you do?” My voice quavered. “But…I’m…rather large.”

“Child-bearing hips, as my mother would say.” He flashed a wicked grin. “The better to grab and hold you with.”

“Most guys want someone slimmer. Someone who can run through the woods and look good in a bikini.”

“Oh, I’m sure you look positively delicious in a bikini.”

I couldn’t hide the shock on my face. Me? In a bikini? With my ripply belly and big, soft thighs?

He walked over and seized me by the hips, pulling me up against him. I felt his thick, hard cock, pressing into my stomach. He held me there firmly, looking down into my eyes, and I felt a wave of desire so intense that it turned my knees to liquid and I stumbled.

“You question whether I’m attracted to you?” His voice rumbled up low and sexy from his chest.

Oh, my God. This was so unfair. I was in a bedroom full of sex toys with the hottest guy in the universe, and he was technically my husband, and he was pretending to flirt with me.

And he was undoubtedly trying to mess with my head to get back at me for tricking him, which sucked.

I grabbed his hands, pulled them off of me, and took several steps back. I was still turned on, but also kind of mad. He was making fun of me, which really hurt.

“There’s no way you want to stay married to me,” I said. “You wanted to marry Camille because she was beautiful and would look good standing next to you at all those pack meetings, and because her uncle’s pack is wealthy and powerful so they’d make a good alliance. I don’t come with either of those attributes.”

His gaze turned dark. “Everybody seems to be telling me what I want in a bride today,” he said. “Are you a mind-reader?”

“What I’m trying to point out is, you wanted to marry Camille, and I’m completely different from Camille! I would make a terrible Alpha’s bride!”

“Why’s that?” Now he looked amused. He hadn’t moved towards me again. So, yeah, he wasn’t really into me; I mean, sure, he was probably kind of turned on, because we were both standing there next to a bed full of sex toys. But that was obviously as far as it went.

“Well, I’m not political at all. I tend to speak my mind, and I’m not always tactful.”

“So you’d be perceived as strong and unafraid.” He nodded approvingly. This really wasn’t going the way it should. I should be halfway off the property by now.

“I’m opinionated. If things were going on in the pack that I didn’t like, I wouldn’t be able to sit there and keep my mouth shut.”

“What kind of things?”

“Oh, I don’t know…bullying…abuse…stronger pack members taking things from the weak just because they can…”

“You think that’s how we run things in the Timber Valley pack?” Now he looked mildly offended.

“No! Well, er, maybe…okay, yes…you guys do have kind of a reputation.”

“And you believe everything that you hear?”

“No,” I said, exasperated. Why was I letting him put me on the defensive? I was in the right here, wasn’t I?

“So, it’s settled. Let’s go meet my family.”


“You’re going to meet my family. That’s what brides do. Also, we’ll eat some lunch. You’ll need your strength for the Running, and definitely for the Claiming.”

“Which involves what, exactly?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Why ruin the suspense?” That wicked grin quirked his sensuous lips again. Oh, he was positively evil, this one.

He went to the closet, rummaged around, and came out a few minutes with a shirt and shoes. I let him lead me out of the room. Was I actually going along with this farce? Apparently. My head kept telling me to run for it. Other parts of my body kept telling me to do whatever the sexy man told me to do. I’d like to claim it was my heart talking, but it was actually something a little lower down.

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