Breeding My Boss's Wife

By: Natalia Darque

Chapter One

I slammed the phone down after politely ending my phone call with my customer. I looked up at the wall of my office at the piece of paper hanging to my left. It featured a large circle and instructions underneath for reducing stress.

The instructions were dirt simple. “Slam your head into this circle. Repeat as necessary until stress is relieved, or you are rendered unconscious.”

I was just about to get up out of my chair and proceed to the circle for the prescribed de-stressing, when my cell phone vibrated, indicating that I had a text message. I looked at the screen and saw who it was from.


“Oh shit!” I thought as I read the message.

Parking Garage. Now.

“Just great!” I muttered to myself as I got up from my desk. I walked past the receptionist, telling her I would be right back. I didn’t expect this to take long. It never did.

I grabbed the elevator, hating myself for the predicament I had gotten myself into. I saw no way out. I punched the button for the lowest level of the parking garage, where Gabriella always parked.

Lost in thought and disgusted with the situation, I snapped to attention when the door chime indicated we had arrived at the lowest level of the parking garage. As the elevator opened, I saw the ass end of Gabriella’s Black Cadillac Escalade in the far corner. The gentle stream of exhaust visibly whooshing out of the muffler indicated the engine was running. I walked toward it. As I closed in, I saw nothing through the tinted windows. I reached out and opened the door handle for the passenger side front door.

“Back seat,” I heard Gabriella’s voice say matter-of-factly the second the door opened.

I closed the front door, and pulled open the rear door handle of the Escalade and swung the door open.

Then I saw Gabriella. I knew at that instant that I would be unable to resist her, just like every other time before.

Her long blonde hair hung down straight and layered. Her body was, simply put, made for sin. She was curvy in every place that a woman should be, and slim and trim in every place that they shouldn’t be curvaceous. Long hours in the gym, and a few visits to plastic surgeons had made her body into the spectacle that caused men to drool at her mere presence.

She was clad in a short, black pencil skirt, with a simple white blouse that made it amply clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples stood out like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Her legs were long, lean and tanned, capped by a set of four inch heels that accentuated her already tall figure.

Men were drawn to her like a moth to flame, and I was no exception. From our first time together, I was putty in her hands. Furthermore, I knew it and so did she. This was despite the possible terrible consequences, and the friend and mentor I knew I was letting down badly.

“Come inside,” Gabriella purred seductively.

“Hey Gabi!” I said, trying to sound enthusiastic, but knowing what was in store for me. “What’s up?”

“I just came from that fertility doctor,” Gabriella told me.

“So how did it go?” I asked, doing my best to feign innocence. This wasn’t my first rodeo with Gabi. I knew exactly where this was heading.

“I hated it. It’s so… mechanical,” Gabi explained with a pout on her face. “You lay on a table, with this nurse standing next to you, and this door opens.” She paused

“Then you see these two arms pass this silver, gun-looking thing through and the nurse takes it. The next thing you know, this cold thing is shoved up your nu-nu, and…”

She stopped. I was glad. This was getting into the seriously (TMI) or Too Much Information category.

As I sat in the seat next to her, I looked across as she slid the hem of her short skirt up past her thighs. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her smoothly lasered pussy stood out like a sore thumb, her lips glistening with moisture already.

“What a surprise!” I thought to myself.

“I don’t like that cold thing in my nu-nu,” she told me, moving to where her face was inches from mine.

“I prefer something hot!”

Despite my ambivalence about the situation I was trapped in, I felt my cock stir. Just like it did the very second I saw her for the first time, I knew I was powerless to resist Gabi’s charms. My soul was willing to resist, but my flesh was weak.