Breaking Dragon:Savage Brothers MC

By: Jordan Marie

Savage Brothers MC Series Book 1

Chapter 1


It’s Sunday. That shouldn’t be a momentous thing because you get one of those every week, if you’re lucky enough to survive. Still it is. It is because today is the day that Dani and I are picking up the last of our boxes and moving out of Blade. Blade, Kentucky was a small hole in the wall with less than one hundred people living there. Bet you didn’t know places like that existed, did you? Well they do. We have a city hall, one bank, a gas station-outlet tobacco store and a volunteer fire department. That’s the grand total of all the buildings in Blade. The few kids that live in Blade are driven by their parents to a school one county over. I’ve lived here my entire life and even though it may sound like it, I’m not really complaining. I love Blade. It’s living with my parents I don’t enjoy.

My parents really shouldn’t have settled down here. After all, there are no country clubs, no private dining facilities, none of the amenities befitting their station. Yes, that is sarcasm you detect. Those were words I’ve heard a million times coming from my mother’s lips; lips that had never kissed the top of my head when I was sad, nor spoke words of encouragement when I failed, lips that have been painted deep ruby red for as long as I could remember and brought to mind a cold and lifeless corpse.

You might be realizing there is no love loss between my mother and me—you would be right. The simple truth is my parents remain in Blade because my dad, Marcus Samuel Wentworth the second, owns the sole bank in the city and the one in the neighboring area of Burkesville. Here, my parents are important, specifically my mother. If she moved away, she would lose that distinction and Gwyneth couldn’t handle that. Father too for that matter, he was a step or two up from mother dear, but that’s not really saying much. Sometimes, I wonder how I could be their daughter. I would have thought I was adopted except for my hair. The dirty-blonde hair I have is the same color as my mother’s. For that reason alone, I put dark caramel color through it, darkening it so that now it looks nothing like hers. She hated it. I celebrated it.

I’m getting all dragged down talking about the parental units. That’s enough to depress me and that can’t happen on this awesome day. Today, Dani and I are moving to London, Kentucky. See? Momentous!

Okay, well it isn’t that far away to be honest, but it is at least three hours and that’s good for now. It’s a two bedroom house on the outskirts of the city and it’ll be far away from my parents. Dani and I have jobs. I’m going to be a waitress at the Wolves Den, she will be dancing. I’d never have the nerve to dance for several reasons. First, Dani makes me brave, but she can’t make me believe I don’t have mega flaws. Dani is drop dead gorgeous. Me? That’s reason number two, I have boobs that are a little too large, and my ass is just a tad too wide. My thighs aren’t my favorite thing ever. I’m a size fourteen. I’ll never fit into Dani’s size eights. I used to want to but as I got older I decided I like who I am well enough. So screw it. Plus, I’m pretty outspoken at times, but I’m way too freaking shy to be a dancer. My girl makes me brave, but there’s not anyone able to make me brave enough to bare my boobs and ass to a bunch of strangers. It’s going to be hard enough getting used to the mini booty shorts and black tank that shows way too much of the aforementioned boobs, but I’m determined.

I want to branch out into real life and live. So I’ve made the decision to not let my conscience get the better of me and just experience the different things that are out there. It’s silly and a decision that may bite me in the ass.

I’ve never really been the type to want to go to college. That’s an issue my parents bring up regularly---as just another one of my failures among a long list. I’ve never really had aspirations to do something with my life other than enjoy it. Maybe I’ll make plans later on. I don’t know and frankly at twenty-four I probably should, but I don’t really care right now. It took too long to break away from Blade. I’ll figure it out as I go along.

“Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dani hollers as we’re speeding down the interstate in my convertible Mercedes.