Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(8)

By: Holly Renee

“I’m fine,” I lied with a forced smile on my face. “Now turn that frown upside down. This is your wedding rehearsal. Get excited!”

She smiled back at me, and her happiness lit up her face.

“I know!” She squealed.

I laughed at her giddiness as she grabbed me and we walked out of the room hand in hand. We walked out of the building and onto the grass where everyone was standing near the lake.

The place was beautiful. The sun reflected off the lake in the background where they would say their vows. The trees and flowers were in full bloom and made the perfect setting for their wedding.

We walked up to the group slowly, and when Blake’s eyes landed on Kat, his handsome smile took over his face. He was so good looking that it was distracting. Well, he would be distracting if the man who haunted my dreams wasn’t standing next to him looking hotter than I had ever seen him.

His blond hair was much longer than it had been the last time I saw him, and he had it pushed back out of his eyes. His strong jaw was covered in a blond beard that he must have grown out since he had been gone. He looked hot. It wasn’t fair. He should look like shit. I could deal with that, but not this. He had on a pair of dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt that stretched against his muscles.

As if sensing my presence, his head swung around and his perfect green eyes met mine. It was almost like no time had passed. Just one look knocked the air out of me. I felt like I was stuck in place. I couldn’t pull my gaze away from his. I could barely even pull air into my lungs.

The air between us felt electric. It felt right. It killed me. I didn’t take my eyes off of him until I saw his eyes narrow at something behind me. Confused, I turned to look over my shoulder, but then I felt Johnny’s arm come around my waist and pull me into him.

Some of the tension left my body instantly when I was wrapped in the safety that was Johnny.

“How are you doing, honey?” he asked low in my ear so only I could hear.

It took me a moment to answer him. It was a simple question, but the answer wasn’t what had me stumped. It was the look on Gabe’s face. Anger burned in his eyes and his jaw was clenched to the point that I thought it might break. I followed the trail of his burning gaze to where it landed on my hip. On the exact spot where Johnny’s hand was resting.

“I… I’m okay,” I said back to Johnny while still watching Gabe.

He looked back at me when he heard my voice. Something I couldn’t decipher crossed his face when his eyes met mine again, and he quickly looked away.

Although it hurt seeing him, I also felt a little giddy at the thought of him being jealous of Johnny. It was irrational. I had no business having those thoughts, but he also had no right to be jealous.

I studied his face as he avoided my eyes and noticed for the first time that his bottom lip was split and swollen. It worried me. I had drove myself crazy worrying about whether or not he was taking care of himself, and seeing his injured lip made me believe that he wasn’t.

“Alright, everyone.” The wedding coordinators voice pulled my attention away from him. “I need everyone to line up back here so we can run through the ceremony. Blake, I need you to go stand with the preacher.”

Everyone started moving into position as we were told.

“Okay. I need the Maid of Honor and the Best Man here.” She pointed to the spot right in front of Kat.

I walked to my spot and stared straight ahead. My hands were sweating as Gabe saddled up next to me. I didn’t dare look to my right. Staring straight ahead, I pretended to pay very close attention to everything the wedding coordinator was saying. Pretended being the keyword because I didn’t hear a damn word the lady said. All I could hear was the blood rushing in my ears and my heart beat as it felt like it would pump out of my chest.

Gabe’s scent hit my nose and it took everything inside of me not to moan. Did he have to smell so damn good, too?

He was standing so close to me that I could feel the heat coming off his skin. Skin that I was lucky enough to have a brief but amazing encounter with.

“When you hear the music begin, that is the cue for the first couple to begin walking. Bridesmaids should have their right hand resting in the elbow of your partner’s arm and your left hand should be holding your bouquet at your belly button.”

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