Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(14)

By: Holly Renee

“What’s shakin’, bacon?”

Brenda smiled at me then hiked her thumb over her shoulder. “Sarah called in again, and we’re going to have a full house today. The doc is going to need your help.”

I groaned and not because I would be helping in the clinic today. I loved working in the clinic. I just knew that Sarah wasn’t going to last much longer, and I was going to have to start the hiring process all over again.

I sat my purse down in my office and glanced at all the work that was waiting for me on my desk. As the Office Manager, I stayed busy. I didn’t have time to work in the clinic. Sometimes I barely had time for a lunch break.

Walking into the back, I grabbed a spare pair of scrubs and changed into them. Looking at myself in the mirror, it reminded me of when I first started here as a vet tech. I was so young and naïve.

I walked into Dr. Smith’s office and stood at the door.

“How can I help you today, sir? Your wish is my command.”

Kevin looked up from the paperwork and smiled at me. “Cut the crap, Erica. You weren’t that sweet even on your first day.”

“I so was.” I plopped down in the seat across from him.

“What happened to Sarah?”

“Not sure. Brenda said that she called in again this morning so you lucked out and got me.”

“Well good. Our first patient is a bull dog with severe diarrhea.” He smirked.

“Are you shitting me?” If there was one thing I didn’t do well, it was poop.

“I shit you not.” Kevin laughed as he stood up and led the way into the first exam room.

By the time five pm rolled around, I had changed scrubs twice and felt like I was going to fall over. I climbed into my car and leaned my head against the steering wheel for a few moments.

My peace and quiet was shortly interrupted by the sound of “Girls just want to have fun” muffled within my purse. I dug around in my purse until I finally found my phone. Kat’s face lit up the screen.

“Hello,” I answered.

“What are you doing this weekend?”

“Well hello to you to,” I grumbled.

“I don’t have time for hellos right now. I’m too excited. So I repeat. What are you doing this weekend?”

I contemplated my answer just to piss her off. I had no plans, and she probably already knew that.

“Hello? Today,” she growled.

“I don’t have any plans. Why? What’s up?”

“We’re going camping!” Her squeal was so loud that I had to pull the phone away from my ear.


“Okay? I love camping. Are you not excited?”

“That depends. Who all is going?” I asked hesitantly.

“All the guys. It’s going to be so much fun.”

“So Gabe will be there?” It had been three weeks since I had even laid eyes on him. I didn’t think going camping together was such a great idea.

“Yes. Gabe will be there, but you will barely notice. We’re going to have so much fun together. I haven’t seen you in so long.”

She was right of course. I had been avoiding hanging out with all of them to avoid seeing Gabe. I was trying to get over him and being around him didn’t help that situation out at all. I felt guilty that I hadn’t been the best friend lately.

“Okay. I’ll go.”

“Yay! Okay. I got to go pack.”

“We’re not leaving until Friday, right? It’s Wednesday.”

“I know, but I’m so excited!”

The rest of the week flew by and Friday was there before I knew it. Maybe Kat wasn’t crazy to start packing on Wednesday.

I arrived at Blake and Kat’s house around three pm on Friday. Johnny, Cash, Gabe, and Blake were all loading the back of the truck when I pulled up. I parked my car next to Johnny’s truck and headed their way.

“Hey, guys. Where’s Kat?” They all looked up at me, but I didn’t dare glance at Gabe.

“Hey. She’s inside making sure she packed everything.” Blake rolled his eyes, but there was a small smile on his face.

I started walking toward the house but paused.

“Hey, Johnny.”

“Yea?” He turned toward me.

I threw my keys at him, which he caught, and smiled sweetly.

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