Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(13)

By: Holly Renee

I leaned into her and placed my mouth next to her ear. Her breathing was erratic and her soft breasts rose and fell against my chest.

“That is where you’re wrong. I did not fuck you out of my system. I think about having your tight pussy wrapped around me every single day. It fucking haunts me.” She whimpered, and I knew I shouldn’t be saying these things to her but I couldn’t stop. “I left that morning because you are too fucking good for me. You deserve better than what I can give you. I’m just a hollow fucking shell that you need to forget.”

I pushed away from the wall and stared down at her lost blue eyes. I needed to get away from her before I lost every bit of self-control I had and kissed those fucking lips that were begging me to do just that. If I gave in again, I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk away. It was too hard the first time.

I stared down at her one last time before walking away from the best thing that had ever happened to me.

I could see her, but I couldn’t get to her. Her big brown eyes were staring into me. Begging me for help. Help I couldn’t give her.

I fought the blackness weighing me down and reached out for her. It was useless. Nothing I did was getting me any closer to her.

He lifted his arm and landed another hit against her angelic white skin. Skin that didn’t deserve what was happening to it. It should have never been tainted.

I struggled against my restraints as she cried out for me. Every hit she took was like a blow to the heart inside me. Each one tearing at my soul a little more and more as I watched this asshole beat my baby sister.

“Tell me where the fuck they hid it,” he roared with his chest rising and falling rapidly with the rage fueling him.

Kara whimpered and pulled herself tighter into fetal position. I opened my mouth to tell him that we had no clue where our worthless parents hid the drugs, but the words didn’t come out. I knew that I said the words. I relived the memory every single day, but the only sound I could hear now was my sister’s screaming.

I looked at her and took her in. She looked so fragile. So young. So beautiful. There was nothing in the world I wouldn’t have given to have taken her spot. Nothing I wouldn’t have given to save her. He raised his tattoo-covered fist and slammed it into her perfect face one last time. I knocked over the chair I was in struggling to get to her. The only thing I accomplished was falling on the ground.

I was so close to my sister now that I could smell the flowery scent that her hair always smelled like, but it was mixed with the smell of copper. I stared into her beautiful face and begged her to open her eyes and look at me. He told me to shut up but I didn’t listen. I screamed at her to wake up. To look at me.

I looked over at Blake who was tied up to a chair with a rag tied around his mouth. The panic in his eyes killed me.

“Please. Please, look at me,” I screamed at Kara again.

Her eyes didn’t open but somehow she looked peaceful. It was the last image I saw before my vision was blocked by his fist and everything went black.

I sat up in bed breathing heavily. I tried to loosen my fists from the sweat-covered sheets they were clenching. Taking slow deliberate breaths, I focused on calming myself down. I focused on blocking out the memory that had bombarded me during my sleep.

I tried to focus on something that made me happy, but there was only one thing that popped into my mind. Those blue eyes and blonde hair weren’t going to make me feel any less haunted.

Waking up at six in the morning for work was never going to be my idea of a good time. I loved my job. I did, but I didn’t love waking up for it. Dragging myself out of bed, I walked like a zombie to the shower and stood under the spray until I could finally find the energy to move my arms.

Once I got ready, I locked up my apartment and headed out. I have worked at the Ruff Times Veterinarian Clinic for five years now. It had become my home away from home.

“Good morning, blondie,” Brenda called out when I walked in the door. Brenda was loud and larger than life. She had flame red curls on top of her head that were exactly the same every day. They also matched her red lips. Every day I got the same greeting from her, and every day I gave the same one back.

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