Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(12)

By: Holly Renee

The wedding coordinator waved me up and I walked toward Gabe to get the microphone. If my hands weren’t already shaking from nerves due to the speech, seeing Gabe stare into my eyes as he handed me the microphone would have sealed the deal. Gabe walked past me and took a seat as the guests quieted down and waited for my speech.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Erica.” I cleared my throat and tried to clear my nerves. “Mine and Kat’s story started like so many others. She picked me up one dark night at a bar.” The crowd laughed, and I let a little bit of tension leave my body. “I had never met anyone like her. She was spunky, vivacious, and simply incredible. We hit it off pretty quickly and have been best friends ever since. The thing about Kat is that she affects every life she has ever been a part of. Poor Blake, he never stood a chance.” Blake raised his glass and everyone laughed again. “She friend zoned him for a while, but there was no way that the two of them could deny the incredible love that they share. The love that exists between them is something that many of us will never be lucky enough to experience.” I don’t know why but my eyes met Gabe’s at that moment. “Love isn’t easy, but it is the greatest adventure you will ever go on. Hold on to each other through everything. Laugh together. Cry together. Draw strength from the other when one of you feels weak. Never give up and never let go.” I turned my attention back to Kat and Blake. “The two of you are meant for each other. Never forget that, and always cherish each other. To the newlyweds.”

Everyone raised their glass with mine and toasted to Blake and Kat. I also raised my glass and drained its contents. I felt so emotional and the burn of the alcohol was a welcome distraction.

The reception continued flawlessly. Kat and Gary danced to her father daughter dance which caused about every person in the room to cry. I sat at my table and continued to drink.

“Why don’t you slow down there?” Johnny said it jokingly, but I knew better. He was concerned about me.

“I’m good.” I finished off the rest of my beer.

“Well how about a dance?”

“I thought you would never ask.”


I watched her get up from her seat and head to the dance floor with Johnny’s hand on the small of her back leading the way. It pissed me off. One of my best friends was easily becoming my enemy.

I watched as they danced to the music. Erica’s moves were more eccentric than usual which signaled how much she had to drink. She always came out of her shell a little bit more when she had a couple drinks.

Johnny pulled Erica against his chest, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she laughed at something he said. That was all I could take. I slammed my beer back and left the reception in search of the bathroom. I couldn’t sit there and watch them together. If I watched another minute of it, I would lose my shit.

I headed into the bathroom, took care of business, then braced myself to walk back into that reception. I had never dreaded being around my friends. It was a foreign feeling for me.

As I walked out of the door, I was almost knocked over by a blonde stumbling in her heels. A blonde that haunted my damn dreams.

I caught her by her bicep and helped her straighten. She didn’t realize it was me at first.

“Oh. I’m so sorry. I just had a bit too much to drink.” Her smiled dropped as soon as she saw it was me who was helping her.

“It’s okay. I understand.”

“You understand?” she practically shrieked. “You do not understand. You don’t have a damn clue.”

She was now so close to me that I could feel her soft curves against my hard chest. She pointed her perfectly manicured finger right at my chest.

“Come on, Erica. Let me help you get back to your table. You’re drunk.” I reached out for her hand, but she jerked it out of my grasp.

“You do not get to help me, and you sure as hell don’t get to tell me what to do. You lost that right when you left me alone in my apartment after you fucked me out of your system.”

I backed her up against the wall so quickly that she didn’t have time to comprehend what was happening. I took in her scent.

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