Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(11)

By: Holly Renee

Those beautiful blue eyes stared up at me. “Thank you,” she whispered.

It was the first time she had spoken directly to me since I had been back. As her sweet voice washed over me, I remembered everything she had whispered into my ear during our night together. My chest ached because I would never get to experience that again.

The wedding coordinator waved Erica and I forward, and Erica tightened the grip of her hand on my arm as we took off down the aisle. We walked slowly toward our destination while smiling at all the guests. I couldn’t help but imagine what Erica would look like when she walked down the aisle one day. It almost gutted to me to think about it because I knew it wouldn’t be me standing at the end waiting on her. It would probably be some pompous asshole who didn’t deserve her. Hell. No one deserved her. She was too fucking good.

She was definitely too good for someone like me. That one night with her was far more than I deserved from her, and it was all that I would ever get. I tainted whatever I touched, and I refused to allow her to continue down my path of destruction.

You had to be kidding me. It was as if every time I laid eyes on him, he somehow became even hotter.

I stared at him as he stood next to Blake in his black suit that fit his body like a second skin. His hair was brushed backward and out of his handsome face. There was only one thing that could make me pull my eyes away from him and that was the music queuing that my best friend was coming down the aisle.

My eyes caught a glimpse of Blake before I could direct my attention to Kat. His face said it all. His blue eyes were glued to where Kat was coming down the aisle and his right hand rested against his mouth. The emotions were pouring off of him.

I turned my attention to where he was focused, and I wasn’t surprised by his reaction. She looked incredible. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in an up-do at the back of her neck. Her dress hugged all of her curves and was covered in a soft white lace. Her face was covered by her veil, but nothing could hide her beauty. It was impossible.

Gary looked as handsome as I had ever seen him walking her down the aisle. He was such a huge part of her life, and I knew he couldn’t be prouder than to be the one to walk her down the aisle.

As they finally made their way to the altar, Gary’s tears caused my own emotions to flow.

Kat smiled at Blake as Gary handed her over to him, and she looked so in love. The preacher began the ceremony, and Kat and Blake shared personal vows. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd. I was so happy for my best friend, but I also felt raw. I felt lonely.

After the ceremony, we were rushed around in a flurry of activities. Pictures, entrances, greeting guests, and holding Kat’s dress while she peed. When the time for toasts finally came, it felt like it was the first time I actually got to take a breath.

Gabe was the first to give his toast, and all the women’s eyes were glued to him. He looked so handsome. He cleared his throat to begin his toast, and I couldn’t pull my eyes away.

“As most of you already know, my name is Gabe Lawson, and I am lucky enough to be the best man. Blake has been my best friend since as long as I can remember. There are very few good memories that I have that don’t include Blake.”

It may have been my imagination, but I could have sworn his eyes met mine in that moment.

“I am so happy that Blake found Kat. Although I’m not sure how he managed it, they are damn lucky to have each other. I once told Kat that I didn’t know why she was so attracted to Blake because I am way hotter than he is.” Everybody laughed except Blake. He glared at his best friend. “But somehow she seemed blind and went after him anyways. In all seriousness, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. Kat, you have found someone who will stand by you no matter what. He will hold you up when you can no longer stand on your own, and he will strive to make you happy every day. I have been blessed to call him my best friend for so long, and it makes me so happy that he has found you. Tell each other you love each other every night, never go to bed angry, and know that no matter what the two of you face, you will make it through as long as you have each other. To Blake and Kat.”

Everyone raised their glass to toast the couple, but I sat still. Too shocked to raise my glass and take a sip. I had never witnessed Gabe talk like this before. I had never seen him so passionate.

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