Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(10)

By: Holly Renee

I seemed to breathe easier when her hand wrapped around my arm. I avoided looking down into her gorgeous eyes that gutted me with every look until her small fingers dug into my bicep. I looked down at her and the anger I saw radiating off her face shocked me. I knew I had hurt her, but this was the first time I had seen this type of anger from her.

I stared at her through the entire rehearsal, but she gave nothing away. When she finally pulled her gaze away from mine, it was as if she didn’t care anymore. She avoided looking at me or being around me for the rest of the evening, but that damn look she had on her face haunted me all night long.

My normal nightmares were interrupted by dreams of her. Her furious blue eyes staring straight into me and seeing everything I tried so hard to hide. No matter how much I needed to stay away from her, it didn’t change the fact that I fucking wanted her. I hadn’t stopped wanting her since the moment I met her.

While my dreams started off with those haunted blue eyes, they easily changed into the fantasies I normally had about her underneath me, on top of me, or wrapped around me. After trying to put it off as long as I could, I drug my ass into the shower at three in the morning and jerked off to the thought of her.

It pissed me off that I couldn’t get her out of my head. Every night since I left her in her apartment had been the same. Thoughts of her swirled in my mind until I finally bit the bullet and pleasured myself while calling out her name.

A shot was shoved into my hand and pulled me from my thoughts.

“Alright, motherfuckers. We’re losing one of our men today so it’s time that we take a shot in mourning.” Blake rolled his eyes at Cash’s speech.

“How about we toast to the fact that Blake was lucky enough to snag a catch like Kat?” I interrupted Cash. “You deserve her, but I will never know how the fuck you got her.”

All the guys laughed including Blake before we all slammed back our shots.

I could see the nerves running through Blake as we all gathered up our stuff to head out the door.

“Today is going to be perfect,” I said only loud enough for him to hear.

“I know. I can’t fucking wait to see her. I don’t like being away from her this long.”

Jealousy coursed through my veins at his words. I was so happy for him, but I wanted that. I wanted to be able to have that with someone, but I knew I never would.

“You’ll see her soon enough man. Let’s go.”

Blake nodded at me as we walked out the door. We arrived at the ceremony site before the girls and watched as all the guests filled the chairs. Blake had just taken off to stand next to the preacher as we waited for the girls to arrive. I heard the bridesmaids before I saw them. Erica’s laugh rang out through the room and it caused a small smile to form on my face.

I turned toward her laughter and stopped dead in my tracks.

Fuck me.

Her blonde curls were pinned back away from her face and showed off her long neck. The shit on her eyes made the blue pop and demand everyone’s attention. She wore a long pink dress that had a split and showed off one long tan leg, and her perfect breasts looked phenomenal wrapped in the soft material.

I couldn’t look away. She was always gorgeous, but there weren’t words to describe how she looked then. It was unreal.

Her eyes met mine and I saw the small intake of breath she took in. She drank me as her gaze ran over my body, and I had to reach down and adjust myself in my pants. When she caught my action, her cheeks turned a shade of pink that matched her dress and she looked away from me.

I needed to get my shit together. Staying away from her was my ultimate goal. Letting the whole damn wedding see the boner she just gave me didn’t help with that goal.

The wedding coordinator rushed through the door and lined us all up in a flurry. I felt like we were herded cattle, but I would do anything to make Blake and Kat happy.

I could smell Erica as soon as she stood next to me. She didn’t smell overly sweet like most women. There was something unique about it. She smelled seductive. Delicious. Fucking torture.

I straightened out my suit and held out my arm for her to take. The music had started and it was almost our time to go.

As we stepped up to take our place, Erica stumbled slightly. I grabbed her arm to make sure she didn’t fall.